Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh where oh where have Keegan's updates gone?

Where are the updates of Keegan's third round of chemo you may ask......well, Momma took a much need break (thanks to a wonderful brother-in-law and sister-in-law who came to stay with Keegan on Saturday). On Saturday July 24th my middle sister Mary Ellen got married, and not only did she get married, but we basically partied like rock stars-or at least I did! I let my hair down and had a good 'ole time! In a way I felt bad because my baby was lieing up in a hospital bed finishing chemo but it was nice to get out and dance the night away and have F-U-N! So first thing is first, the wedding and all its preparation:

It was a wonderful wedding and reception, so glad she married a great man with a great family, I gained two new sisters who are WONDERFUL!

NOW I know you have all been waiting for some Keegan updates.....here is the past couple of days in a nutshell......

Thursday: I left late morning on Thursday to head home to help with the wedding preparation and pampering. We weren't even home yet when Ry called to tell me Jeff Gordon was on the Oncology unit visiting patients down in the playroom he donated. He said Keegan had a really bad diaper rash, first one yet, and was fast asleep, he didn't know if he was going to disturb him for Jeff Gordon.....

AND...he didn't. But Ry did peek out and say hi to him. He stopped taking bottles orally on Thursday and felt pretty crummy from what Daddy said. He would perk up at times but generally felt lousy. Thursday night he got his last drug on this chemo cycle-High Dose Methotrexate. The WORST one. I felt bad for not being there but he was in great hands with his dad ( I did bug him alot with TONS of phone calls, but what mom wouldn't?)

Friday: We were still battling the Diaper Rash from Hell and now the after effects of the Methotrexate. He got Lecovorin every 6 hours to help get rid of the "Meth" and Ry said he had some good spells where he was a really happy camper.

Saturday: Daddy got up and as soon as Aunt Erica and Uncle Steve came headed to Evansville. Ry would call and check in every so often to make sure he was okay. He started to get vomity but that is what chemo does to ya. Both Steve and Erica said he did exceptionally well other than sleeping Saturday night into Sunday. Which brings me to Sunday....

Sunday: I got to the hospital around 2ish. My aunt\, uncle and Nana brought me here so Ry could stay home and get a couple of days of work in. When I got here this is what was written on the dry wall board:

Erica and Steve had documented EVERYTHING for us. It was awesome, I knew what happened when....I know you like the flowers I strategically placed on the board (its to hide our phone numbers from creeps). He did clear the Methotrexate on Sunday so they stopped the Lecovorin and he had a TON of visitors on Sunday including my Aunt and Uncle, my Nana, my dad and step mom and my step sister.

So anyway he has been doing relatively well since I got back, he has been vomiting or heaving a couple times a day, his numbers haven't dropped all the way yet so we are waiting ever so patiently for that so we can start antibiotics. Hopefully we will be out of here by August 1st.....I hope!


  1. I found your blog yesterday through Joanna's blog. I've read it from start to finish, ending with this post. I can't believe how much you and your husband and family have been through since Keegan has been born (and even before.) You are so strong. I often wonder how parents such as yourselves can stay so level headed and trusting. And I know at times you are more than likely breaking down inside, but you are just such an inspiration. I just wanted you to know that. I am praying for Keegan and your family. Hold your head up high, and give tons of kisses and hugs to that precious, adorable baby boy of yours.

  2. Ask for oxygen extension tubing and use it on high blast to air him out between diaper changes, and put it on like 2 liters and keep it in his diaper between changes. It reeeally helps!

    When Sam had his horrible rash last admission I would use magic barrier cream, calmoseptine, and jock itch cream with every diaper change and put it on like I was frosting a darn cupcake! Three times a day bactroban was added to the mix. Stop using wet wipes and just use wet washcloths or ask if they have barrier wipes. But really try to make sure that his bottom is completely dry before you frost it and put a diaper back on and air it out as much as possible.

    Poor guy... I know it's rough. We're praying. I can't wait to hear about GREAT MRI results! :)


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