Friday, July 9, 2010

A New Face!

So the blog is updated you like? I LOVE it! Jocelyn at Blogs By Jocelyn did the makeover for me since Nicci over at Changing the Universe donated the update that she won from Joanna's giveaway/donation collection for us!

Anyway so first thing was first, I had to pick out a kit. I asked Jocelyn's advice and she asked me to look at 3 kits and see if I liked any, right off the bat I loved this kit, it just screamed boy and was pretty simple and light ( I didn't want it dark and dreary like my last one). She worked her magic and VOILA, here is the final product, minus some little things she will be working on later! Do you like? I LOVE IT! I highly recommend her to anyone looking at updating or starting their blog off right.

The funny part to this whole story (and I didn't realize it till this morning when my sister pulled it up and we were talking about it) is that my Great Grandmother O'Melia use to collect elephants, when she passed away is 1997 we each got a couple of elephants to remind us of her. One of the elephants I chose had a little card attached that said when an elephants trunk is up it means good luck! Coincidence? I think not! I am thinking this means good things for our future-heck we could definitely use it!

Just to remind you how cute he is!



  2. I love it. You're right... he's adorable. 100% yours FOREVER. Love you xoxoxo.

  3. Looks too cute! So adorable! Oh, and your new blog design looks awesome too :)


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