Thursday, November 5, 2009

Progress, well I think...

This is just a quick post to document some great progress this evening. Today we have had an exceptionally fussy baby. Ry laid him tummy first in his boppy to see if that helped matters. I was out of the room when that part happened but when I walked in Keegan was freely (albeit very slowly) moving his head from left to right-ALL BY HIMSELF! I just watched in astonishment as our baby was taking a major step! Yea for Keegan! (and then he started screaming his bloody head off again!)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween and all its glory....

This past weekend everyone celebrated Halloween. Keegan wasnt supposed to be here yet, but we are so happy he is. He got to experience his first halloween (even though he wont remember it and he slept through most of it). Keegan's cousins Laura and Michael and his Aunt Toni and Uncle Bret came to visit for the weekend. He got held almost all weekend but they did take turns, which made everyone happy.  Most of the time we hung out at the house, I am scared of taking him out too many places with Swine Flu a major concern.  We did however go out to lunch down at Max & Erma's for lunch on Friday the 30th and then Keegan went to visit Daddy's work and meet the nice people there.   Here is Keegan before going to visit Daddy:

He was a little ghost, the bib is from his Great Aunt Karen-SO CUTE! On Saturday the 31st, Keegan was dressed up in his costume again and we got so pictures of him with his cousin Laura. 

Keegan and his cousin Laura...she is givin him some love!

Keegan's first bath in his big boy tub!

First "Offical" Family Portrait

Keegan playing on his new toy that mommy just had to have!

Aunt Abby as "Bella" and Keegan on Halloween

Keegan and Cousin Laura early Sunday Morning

We had a great weekend visiting. We wish more people would come to visit more often!