Friday, September 24, 2010

Keegan is One!!!!

Oh what a year it has been. I know everyone says that the first year has flown by and I am sure they will continue, but with our constant trips to doctors, specialists and tests I feel our year has gone by way faster than usual! I will be updating this post this weekend to include some more birthday festivities we will have tomorrow. We are still at Riley waiting for his counts to rebound from this current round and then we should be able to go....with that said-Keegan LOVES cake!

My mom and two sisters along with Ryan's Dad and Aunt Ruby came for his birthday festivities on his actually birthday which was September 23rd. We had cupcakes delivered to us all the way from French Lick Indiana from Mrs. Alyssa from ABCupcakes.

On Saturday the 25th we celebrated with Uncle Bret, Laura and Michael, Grandma, Aunt Abby, His great Aunt Sofia and Uncle Tom along with his second cousins David and Sarah, Aunt Erica and Uncle Steve and Zack, Caden and Ridley. Our friends Ida and John from Fort Wayne also came down to spend the day-Uncle ReXx and Aunt Laura showed up a little late but we still love them anyway, they were walking in the Race for the Cure in Evansville.
Ryan and I decorated his hospital room as best we could to look "birthdayish". I bought 2 HUGE balloons, and by huge I mean bigger than Keegan himself, my mom brought 4 and Childlife gave him 1 with the birthday presents they gave him. So our room is FILLED with Balloons!

Here is a slide show of his celebration on his actual birthday:

We had a lot of fun! Even though his birthday was not what we had expected it to be, we celebrated as best we could! It helped that friends and family both near and far made the effort to come to Indy to celebrate our Baby Keegan's One Year Birthday.

Our last year has been ANYTHING but boring. While we have a LONG way to go until he is fully recovered, we are working on it and look forward to another year of firsts (sitting,crawling, walking and talking). While I wait in eager anticipation, I long him to stay a baby for just a little while longer. Here is to year one and how we have made our lemonade out of some very sour lemons-CHEERS!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Busy little Bees we are, we are!

The last couple of weeks have seemed to fly by! Let me tell you that since we have gotten the **Great** news about the tumor not recurring, we have started and finished round 4 of chemo which involved chemo given at home through his G-tube and are now on our fifth round in hospital (intense) chemo. Somethings that have happened since August 30th, the last time I really sat down and hammered out a post....
  • We came inpatient to finish round 4, at which time our stem cell transplant lady came and talked with us. She scared the living daylights out of me! We are going to be hospitalized 4-6 weeks for Round 6, then we are supposed to live in an Apartment at RMH for 2 weeks since we will have to make daily trips to the clinic at Riley. We have to CLEAN and by CLEAN I am talking something out of ET when they hang all the plastic and disinfect the house.....We have to have the couch cleaned the blinds cleaned the vents cleaned....then the normal everyday dusting and disinfecting.....he is then going to be confined to the 4 walls of our home for 6 months! He can't leave AT.ALL! Which also means momma can't leave at all during the day......small price to pay for trying to get to the "cancer free" stage!
  • I guest blogged over at Making Lemonade, one of my favorite blogs and bloggers, Carrie asked if I would do it for her Blogoversary and I couldn't have been more happy with the way the post turned out. Basically its an overview of our entire trip through life with Baby Kee, you can find it here  ( that is the first part, Carrie had to break it up into two parts!) And the second part can be found here.
  • We ordered more T-shirts (in all sizes) and I ordered car decals, if anyone wants one, we are doing free shipping. T Shirts are $15, Car Decals are $3 and we still have some bracelets for $ know you want some...I will even accept the money paypal!
  • We got a little infection in our Button (during round 4 stay we had our G-tube converted to a button). We whisked Keegan away to Riley's ER on Wednesday the 8th, he was admitted, started on IV antibiotics and then released to come back in the matter of 3 days, Whirlwind I tell you!
  • Mommy ordered Keegan's Birthday cake AND won some delicious cupcakes from ABCupcakes out of Frenchlick, we are doing cupcakes on his birthday and the cake on the weekend since more people will be able to come up on the weekend! We are looking forward to celebrating his year of life-and what a year it has been!
  • There was a fundraiser held in NY NY last night, September 16th, thrown by one of my best friends in the entire world. Here are some pics of the night I am anxious to talk to her later today and find out how the night went since there was a tornado in NY and all!
For the most part I think I have caught you up to date, I am gonna try my hardest not to let it get this far behind. I hate trying to remember EVERYTHING from the last month! Hope everyone is having a great September and looking forward to the fall and everything it entails!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I stink as a blogger, I am sorry I have not updated sooner, life has gotten away from me and I have been a bad mommy blogger. I am going to sit down tonight and hammer a post out while Keegan receives his last dose of chemo for this round-I PROMISE!!!!
Even Pinky Promise!

Saturday, September 4, 2010