Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Month has come and gone....

Today marks Keegan's 1st month on earth and my how it has flown. Although he shouldn't even really be here yet, he is doing very well. When he came home from the NICU on October 6th he was on 2 oz of formula. Since then he is now taking 4 oz at each feeding and pretty much eating as often as before. For the past two and half weeks since he has been home, he had enjoyed meeting his doggies, Ducan and Lexus, hanging out in his swing, playing on he playmat, and chillin on the couch with mom and dad in his boppy.

Even though he is still up atleast 2 times during the night, he is doing really well with his everyday routine! He sleeps a lot but also has gained more and more "awake" time the last couple of weeks. It's really neat to see him be able to do more and more things. He now can focus on faces and has started to move his head around on his own! I will have him laying on my chest when all of a sudden he is a wildman moving his head all over the place.

Have I mentioned that we have one gassy little boy? He is not a big burper, infact we are lucky to get one burp out after his 4 oz feeding. But just wait about 30 minutes or so and he will be able to hang with the best of them. His ability to fart is amazing, you can tell he is OUR son! (I would blame it all on Ryan but anyone who knows me knows that I, along with my son, can hang with the best of them) My favorite is when you are holding him, while feeding him mind you, and he farts in your hand.....its really kind of funny!

He is still wearing newborn diapers and can also still fit in newborn clothing. He hasn't been weighed lately but I am assuming he is pushing the 10 lb mark. The 0-3 clothes are still a little large on him but I have a feeling in no time he will be out growing those as well.

He went on his first walk on Wednesday October 21st. He was all bundled up with a hat, mittens, and socks that matched his little gown. He seemed to like it alright. We had to make the walk short because mommy was still very light headed after loosing a ton of blood on Monday. It was nice to get out in the fresh air!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Update on Updates....

So I have decided to make Monday's my update day, like when we were posting weekly about being pregnant. I will try my hardest to post pictures and updates every Monday for everyone to enjoy...
Also if something comes up during the week that I want/need to share I will update then too! I feel I had to explain the idea of the blog now that Keegan is here and I have not really updated like I should. So with that, there should be an update for everyone to enjoy tomorrow!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Keegan's Stay in the NICU

Because our little guy was born at 34 weeks 2 days, he was whisked away to the NICU shortly after birth. The NICU is a very interesting place. Not only are there babies there that need just a "little" help now that they are on the outside, there are some babies that need LOTS of help because they were born VERY early. Thankfully we were in the first category! Keegan's stay was relatively uneventful minus a couple of the problems we are dealing with (but I will go into that later).

When he was born he was assigned at doctor in the NICU, her name was Dr. Hilmo and out of the 3 doctors that watch over the NICU she is by far (in our opinion) the best. Like I posted in a previous entry, Dr. Hilmo came into my recovery room shortly after birth to let us know that Keegan was doing okay but he did has some extra fingers and an extra toe, she also advised that he would most likely have to stay in the NICU until he was right around 36 week Gestational Age (2 weeks from his date of birth). In the back of our minds we thought he would be home much sooner because although he was early there really weren't any major problems. He was breathing on his own, he could regulate his own temperature, and he wasn't hooked up to a bunch of fancy machines. Little did we know we were wrong.

So he was born on Wednesday the 23rd and by the time I was released on the 27th of September they were not ready to release him yet and really gave no indication as to when they would allow him to go home. The thought of leaving our new born baby in the NICU while we went home to try to continue life as usual until he was ready to come home was very hard on both of us. I cried quite a bit that Sunday afternoon until the idea was presented to us to stay in a "parent room". These are rooms that the hospital offers to parents of NICU babies so they can stay closer to their child(ren). We took them up on this opportunity because neither one of us could fathom leaving him there.

That night Ry and I got up at midnight to go down the hall to NICU to feed Keegan (that was really tiring). It felt really good to be able to provide some sort of care for our son even though he was Stuck here. The next day we got up and started our normal routine (or what would be normal for us the next week or so). We would mosey to the NICU around 11:30 am or so to be ready to go for Keegan's 12 o'clock feeding. We would stay and hang out till after his 3 o'clock feeding. We would then head home, after we made the decision on Monday afternoon to go back home and sleep in our actual bed and be with our animals. Then we would head back to the hospital for his 9 pm feeding and we would squeeze in some cuddle/kangaroo time with mommy or daddy. This would put us home between 10 and 10:30 pm and we would pass out in the comfort of our bed only to wake up and do it all over again the next morning. Oh, by the way, I would squeeze pumping in sometime during the day whether it was at home a couple of times or use the pumps that the hospital provided in the NICU. This got very tiring but was well worth it when we got to see and hold our little guy.

Every morning when we got up, we would either get a phone call from one of the NICU doctors or they would update us when we got in the nursery. Most days it was just updating us once we got into the nursery. The first couple of days it was Dr. Hilmo that would update us and talk about his prognosis. After those first couple of days Dr. Maybalene, another doctor in the NICU, would provide us, or try to, info on how our baby was progressing.

During the first few days, lots of tests were run and his blood was drawn quite a bit. Keegan went through quite an ordeal. There were CT's, MRI's, EEG's, X-Rays and Genetic Tests. The only real info we gained from any of these very expensive tests is that Keegan has a larger than normal head as well as his brain is fairly large. There was/is some blood between his skull and his skin as well as some more blood between his skull and brain. He has an extra finger on each hand, although I use the word finger very loosely. It really isn't an extra finger as it is a skin tag with a tiny piece of a finger w/ a finger nail. He also has the same thing on his foot attached to his baby toe. None of the doctors could really ever give us answers and to what they were looking for or what they have found. This got to be very frustrating and still is.

The nurses in the NICU were great. They let you provide whatever care you feel comfortable providing your little one. We jumped in right away and started his sponge baths every other night, taking his temperature at every feeding, changing his diaper and giving him his feeding-when it didn't have to be tube fed. This was very reassuring and help the transition between hospital and home.

As we began to near his 36 week Gestational age, we got really nervous because no one had mentioned yet the time frame when we would be able to take our son home. We watched as lots of the babies around us got to go home in the loving arms of their parents but we just watched and prayed every night that our turn would come soon. On Saturday the 3rd of October, during our normal morning update with a doctor, they told us that if Keegan kept eating good (taking all of his 70 cc bottle of breast milk/infamies) then we would be able to take him home on Tuesday. So that afternoon they did his car seat test and hearing test. The car seat test is where the sit him in a car seat with all his leads still attached and monitor him for 1 hour. They have to make sure his breathing and heart rate would not be compromised. He also had his hearing test, which he passed with flying colors! He had been doing really well with his feeding and then by Saturday night, as if he was trying to tell us he was not ready to leave the NICU, he had to be tube fed 3 times! I got so upset and would not let myself believe we would actually we taking him home on Tuesday the 6th. After Saturday though he never had to be fed via the tube and it was actually removed on Monday. I still was a nervous wreck thinking they would find some way to keep him for some reason.

When Tuesday the 6th of October rolled around, I was so nervous getting ready at home that I thought I was going to be sick. I didn't eat breakfast and I think I took 3 trips to the bathroom before we were ready to leave to go to the hospital. When we got to the NICU we found out he had taken all of his bottles and they were working on his discharge orders. We watched the Infant CPR video, changed our little guy into his "coming home outfit", and put him in his carrier. They loaded us up with Infamil, bottles and nipples and we were off!

It was an odd feeling walking out of the NICU with our baby. I guess we were in shock that our day had finally come and our Keegan was coming home with us!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Keegan's Birthday ....

As I posted in a previous post, Dr. Mann stated the induction process on 9/22 by oral medication to thin my cervix. On Wednesday morning the 23rd I got 2 more pills to continue to thin my cervix by 7 am I was ready for some pitocin. Dr. Mann came into my room and checked me, I was about 1 cm and I don't really remember my effacement. After the pitocin was started, I went from feeling really comfortable to extreme pain in the matter of less than an hour. By that time I was begging for an epidural. I was in so much pain. I have heard that pitocin makes contractions worse, and even though I have not had a contraction without pitocin I believe it. I would like to think that if I went naturally into labor I would have been able to handle the pain a lot more.

As the day progressed I got more comfortable. I was checked every couple of hours and was progressing nicely. I was checked early-mid afternoon and was around 5 cm, by 4 pm I was at 9 cm and I had a small "lip" on the right hand side of my cervix. Right around this time my pain came back 10 x's worse than before. The epidural wasn't working. They called the Anthesilogist in to give me more medication. That medication, Lidocaine, did not work. He came back in a short time later to assess my pain level, still as high as before. They gave me some more Lidocaine. When that still didn't take the edge off they gave me more medication. By this time my legs were even heavier than they had previously been and I could hardly move myself around in my bed. With the normal epidural I could move my legs enough to move around to get comfortable in bed but couldn't walk, I was also catheterized every couple hours to relieve the pressure in my bladder. Dr. Mann came in at some point during this process to check the position of Keegan's head. He felt something was wrong, it was tilted to one side and he didn't know if he was going to be able to deliver him naturally. He called in Dr. Ott, another doctor in his office, who agreed that his head was tilted and didn't know if he would come out vaginally.

By this time I was soooo tired and in so much pain, I really didn't care much as to what was happening around me. Back around 4 pm my nurse, Michele, told me we would have a baby by the end of her shift (7 pm) and little did she know it would be sooner than later. It was quickly decided that I was going to need to have a C-section. It seemed that as soon as this was decided things started to happen very fast. I remember a nurse giving Ryan his white scrubs and I had to drink some nasty drink to help with acid reflux after the surgery. They put compression socks on my feet and drained my bladder again. I remember I had a contraction right before they were to wheel me out into the hall down to surgery. I asked the to wait so I didn't scare all the people in the hallway on the way to the delivery room. When we got in the delivery room I saw a familiar face, Holly, a lady from church was in there. She immediately said hi and I felt a lot better about the current situation. I remember the blue sheet being pulled up in front of my face and a cold sensation going down my back. I then remember the anthesilogist asking me if I felt anything, when I said yes I could feel the scapel going into my belly he immediatly gave me something else for pain, all had to numb me at this point was my epidural/Lidocaine. Come to find out the last drug that the doctor gave me was the same drug that Michael Jackson died from. This knocked me out and I remember waking up in the recovery room with Holly and Ryan by my side. That is all I remember about his birth. Come to find out he was born at 5:41 pm weighing 7 lbs 10.8 oz and was 18 inches long.

Keegan's doctor, Dr. Hilmo, came into the recovery room and updated us on Keegan's status. I vaguely remember her saying something about having extra fingers and toes but that is about it. They wheeled me into the NICU before wheeling me to the room where I would spend the next 4 days. I saw my baby for the first time. I don't really remember much about seeing him other than seeing his little extra toe and fingers. He had A LOT of hair and he was crying, I was still pretty drugged up. I was then wheeled down to my room to relax and recover.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Maternity Pictures

So the Saturday before Keegan's arrival we snuck some maternity pictures in with the wonderful Jeff Seymore. Because I dont feel like posting my birth story just yet, dont have the energy today. I am going to give you the website and password info to take a glance at them. Please help us vote on which 8 x10 to purchase to hang on the living room wall. Hope you enjoy, they were fun to do and looking at them now I didn't realize just how huge I was!


Password: chuppprego

Love you All!