Monday, July 27, 2009

26 weeks...almost to the third trimester!

26 weeks today....this only means one thing.....14 weeks or less until our little (big) Keegan makes his appearance in this world! WOW! How time has flown. Are we ready for the drastic turn that our lives are gonna make in the coming weeks? I would like to think so but who is ever REALLY ready? I keep telling myself that we have my mom close to us that we can turn to and a bunch of close friends to give us advice and lots of family with words of wisdom. We can do this!

This past week was craziness, to be quite honest and I am glad we won't be doing any major traveling anytime soon. It was great to see family and hang out with them the short time we were in Millersburg both Ryan and I are whipped! 6 hours there and 6 hours back will definitely take its toll. Our first baby shower was Saturday and it was really a fun time. At all of my bridal showers I hated the fact that I was the center of attention. It got better this time around although I was still bothered by all the eyes on me! We got a bunch of very cute clothes and a few things off our registry which definitely helps out! We also picked up our travel system that Toni found at a yardsale for $50. It is the Evenflow Embrace travel system and it ROCKS! I LOVE it and so happy we only paid $50 for it and its practically brand new! I am not quite sure what to do with it at this point though, right now its in the living room because the dining room is FULL and I mean FULL of baby stuff. See the pic to the left!

The nursery is almost done, a few minor things to touch up and then the carpets are going to be clean. I am hoping by this weekend we can set up the crib and dresser, maybe the bookcase if we have time and I can actually start to put away all the clothes I am washing! Yea for making progess.

Nothing else really new, we start our child birth classes tomorrow night at the Women's Hospital. I am very anxious to see what there is to learn about child birthing although I have a feeling if baby Keegan continues to develop at this rate, we will have a scheduled C-Section. I go for a growth scan on August 11th so we will see. I am also waiting to hear about the test results from my bloodwork/Glucose Tolerance test that was last friday. I am thinking no news is good news but I am going to call the office in the morning to double check b/c I am worried about my Thyroid level.

Other than some of these small things, nothing too new. The next month is kinda busy with a friends baby shower, childbirthing classes, breastfeeding class, ultrasounds, and my baby shower thrown by my sisters.

Best Moment of the Week: Scheduling my pre-registration appointment for the birth of our son!
Movement: Getting stronger week by week!
Food Cravings: Nuts!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: None yet
Belly Button in or Out: In, but working its way outward!
Stretch Marks: yep!
What I miss: Subway sandwhiches
What I am looking forward to: Jenna's Baby Shower on Saturday and the nursery being finished.
Milestones: hugh, drawing a blank on this one as of the moment!

Monday, July 20, 2009

25 Weeks! Holy COW! (and by cow I mean me)

Okay so today marks 25 weeks by the Estimated Delivery Date BUT there are a few wee little problems with that blessed day. It all starts with our visit with the High Risk Doctor last week. Tuesday the 14th we went to see Dr. Fitzpatrick. GREAT doctor, I think we both REALLY liked him. We were there to find out what the "issue" was with little Keegan's bowel. After about an 1 hour of ultrasound, both regular and 3-D. Dr Fitzpatrick and Dr. Lee (consulting doctor) took us into a little room with a couch, a couple of chairs and a coffee table. They proceeded to tell us that there is no cysts at all in the lower quadrant but rather Keegan has an unusual problem. He has not 1 but 2 gallbladders. The chances of this are pretty rare, I think he quoted us like 1:10,000. It really doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of difference in his health. He will just have to be ultra sound after birth to verify 100% that that is what it is. Our Doctor though is 95% sure that it is this rather than a growth on the liver or other such abnormality.

So, problem number 1 semi-some-what solved, the best to our ability right now anyway. But there is another slight problem. At 24 weeks 1 day, our little Keegan weighed 2 lbs 1 oz. This is WAY big! The average fetal weight for this gestation is 1.25-1.30 lbs. Needless to say, Dr. Fitzpatrick wants to see us back on August 11th for a growth scan. I am thinking, and this is just me thinking, they are either A) going to move my delivery date up or B) Schedule me a C-section dependent on the Gestational Diabetes test this coming friday. Only time will tell, I will definatly post what I find out!

So last weeks appointments left Ryan and I feeling pretty good about the baby's health, even though we weren't really worried (or tried not to be).

We made the LONG trip to Cincinnati this past weekend to visit IKEA and buy the furniture for Keegan's room. We were very sucessful and even managed to snag the lighting we were wanting for the kitchen! As I write, Ryan is in the nursery painting the bottom half of the room brown. This leaves a second coat of brown, the chair rail to be put up, and all the trim to be painted. Then we are either having the carpet cleaned or cleaning it ourselves and washing the blinds REALLY good. Then we are ready to set up all this wonderful NEW furniture for his room! I can't wait! I will have a place to put all these clothes I have been buying!

Our first baby shower is this coming Saturday. Toni, my sister-in-law is throwing it for us. We are very excited to see everyone and very thankful she is doing this for us! I really didn't expect it but it was a pleasant surprise! It will defiantly be a long trip but worth it none the less!

Best Moment of the Week: Getting a Hooter Hider for $14.99!
Movement: Getting Higher and higher, I feel like he may kick my throat soon!
Food Cravings: O-R-E-O-S and MILK!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: None yet
Belly Button in or Out: In, but working its way outward!
Stretch Marks: yep!
What I miss: Mc Cafe Mocha's
What I am looking forward to: going to Millersburg and seeing Family at our first baby shower!
Milestones: I can defiantly tell where his head is at different times now, is that because it is so large?

PS-Grammy the 3-D ones are for you! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birth and Viability Day to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me.....okay you get the point! Today I turn 28, geash that seems old! But 28 nonetheless! Today we are also celebrating Viability Day! If I went into labor from here on out, there is a good chance, with medical intervention of coarse that Baby Keegan would survive! He would have no place yet to sleep, but most likely we wouldn't need to worry about those details for a little while since he would spend a significant amount of time in the NICU. But (and this is a note to little to Keegan) stay incubating for at least another 13 weeks! You will have less problems and it gives mommy and daddy time to finish up the nursery and get prepared for you!

Speaking of the nursery, it is getting closer and closer to being done, as you can see, the strips up top are Done, minus a few "white" touch ups. Ryan put all the paneling up on the bottom and the screw holes need to be filled in along with the seams. Then it is on to priming and painting! It looks great so far doesn't it? Those colors, minus the brown on the bottom, are taken right out of his bedding pattern. So far so good. The next step like I said, would be to finish painting so we can have the carpets cleaned because we got to pick up our crib on Saturday. It is sitting, along with many other things for Keegan, in our dining room.

I continue to yard sale with the girls on Saturday morning. We were sure this weekend would be a total bust with the down pour of rain we got about 1-2 into it. But it began to clear up and I think I scored pretty big. Here is a run down of the stuff: I got a Bassinet (hardly used, although I am throwing all the "bedding" stuff in the laundry) for $20, a vibrating bouncer for $5, a zebra that Keegan can ride that plays songs and lights up for $5, a few little odds and ends toys for a couple bucks and a few pieces of clothing at churches rummage sale for next to nothing. Oh and how can I forget I found a maternity top for me and a plain long sleeved onesie that I am going to buy an iron on transfer for from Jo Anns. The only problem with finding all these great deals is that I am running out of places to put it all! We are thinking of storing it at moms house of finding places for it in his bedroom when that is done!

We are going to Cincinnati this coming weekend to go to Ikea. We will pick up his dresser, bookcase, baskets for his bookcase and any other odds and ends that we come across. This in one of our favorite stores of all time. Mom and the girls are going too, we plan on eating a late lunch or early dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory-YUMMY! I cant wait!

Tomorrow is our doctor's appointment with Dr. Frederick, he is the perinatalogist that we have been referred to for the "cyst on his bowel" that they found during my last ultrasound. On the paperwork they gave me they said this appointment could take 2-3 hours so I went ahead and took the afternoon off of work. What I am hoping will happen at this appointment is they will start looking at him more via ultrasound and find that whatever it was that the other tech found has either gone or away or was never there in the first place! So I am just praying that everything is fine in there and they will see he is a growing little boy!

Best Moment of the Week: picking our crib up and my birthday Pedi at Absolute!
Movement: More and more everyday, I have even started to feel him at night when I am drifting off to sleep or waking up!
Food Cravings: Tortilla Soup from Max & Erma's along with the Donut Bank Birthday cake my wonderful Hubby bought me!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: None yet
Belly Button in or Out: in but slowly working its way out
Stretch Marks: No new ones
What I miss: normal feet, the swelling has started folks, maybe I should lower my salt intake!
What I am looking forward to: Dr Frederick telling us that everything is fine with Keegan.
Milestones: Viability day! He officially weighs about 1.5 lbs and I read somewhere he is the size, length wise of an ear of corn (about a foot). He has also started to put on his baby fat, which might make those 3-D ultrasounds a bit more cute, although I doubt it!

Monday, July 6, 2009

23 weeks with the "I am going to getting BIGGER?" mindset

So today we reached the 23 week mark! With much more movement, with which you can see and feel from the outside,has been a pretty exciting last week! Ry got to feel him "kick", although I am not really sure what body part it was last Tuesday the 30th-It was WAY cool. Every day he gets more and more active it there, it makes mommy feel good that he is moving so much! I do feel very uncomfortable when he decides to take residences along the bottom of my belly. It seems like the last couple of days that is his favorite place to be and it makes me want to pee ALL the time.

Speaking of peeing, I am getting up now twice, yes ladies and gents you heard me correctly, twice at night to pee. Usually around 12 to 12:30 then again around 3 to 3:30. A couple of nights I have had a VERY hard time falling back to sleep, mainly because it wakes Keegan up and he moves around for quite awhile!

Ryan has started on the nursery! He tore 1/4 of the paneling in the back bedroom down and started to paint stripes on the upper part yesterday. He started with the white ones and has since moved on to the green ones. It should look pretty sweet! But for your viewing pleasure, take notice of "the man" working on the nursery to the right. The tan sections are what will be the blue strips, all in due time though, its a process :) Bottom half is going to be a light brown, what you are seeing in this pic is the wall that is behind the paneling, kinda nasty looking; but my husband being the ingenious person he is, has a solution for the problem! I am oh so proud of him!

Nothing else is really too new, I am in the process of setting my appointment with Jeff and Amanda Seymore of Epic Photography to do our Maternity photo shoot. I am way excite b/c they are both very creative people with "an eye" for wonderful photos! It is defiantly a moment in time that I want captured well!

This coming weekend we have the annual ICI/PCI company picnic. Alan, the owner of ICI/PCI always does it up really big with Rides, games and TONS of giveaways. I was kinda suprised to see he was still doing it this year and from what it looks like almost close to the same capacity. But we have that on Saturday, it includes a fireworks display that we may or may not stick around for. I did take a long weekend next weekend with Monday being my big 2-8 Birthday. Nothing too exciting planned except for a Pedicure at Absolute Beauty. OH and my big Donut Bank birthday cake, my darling husband makes sure I have every year! That will be wonderous! And Abby and Mom's pool should open this weekend ( I have been waitin for this day for about a month and a half)! Tuesday the 14th we go to the Perinatologist to see what the dealio is with little Keegan's bowel. Continue to pray that it has resolved it self and everything is going well in his little world!

Enough of all of this, maybe this time next week the nursery will be close to being done! We get to pick the crib up this week so I am hoping it will be done soon!

Until then~LOVE YOU ALL!