Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birth and Viability Day to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me.....okay you get the point! Today I turn 28, geash that seems old! But 28 nonetheless! Today we are also celebrating Viability Day! If I went into labor from here on out, there is a good chance, with medical intervention of coarse that Baby Keegan would survive! He would have no place yet to sleep, but most likely we wouldn't need to worry about those details for a little while since he would spend a significant amount of time in the NICU. But (and this is a note to little to Keegan) stay incubating for at least another 13 weeks! You will have less problems and it gives mommy and daddy time to finish up the nursery and get prepared for you!

Speaking of the nursery, it is getting closer and closer to being done, as you can see, the strips up top are Done, minus a few "white" touch ups. Ryan put all the paneling up on the bottom and the screw holes need to be filled in along with the seams. Then it is on to priming and painting! It looks great so far doesn't it? Those colors, minus the brown on the bottom, are taken right out of his bedding pattern. So far so good. The next step like I said, would be to finish painting so we can have the carpets cleaned because we got to pick up our crib on Saturday. It is sitting, along with many other things for Keegan, in our dining room.

I continue to yard sale with the girls on Saturday morning. We were sure this weekend would be a total bust with the down pour of rain we got about 1-2 into it. But it began to clear up and I think I scored pretty big. Here is a run down of the stuff: I got a Bassinet (hardly used, although I am throwing all the "bedding" stuff in the laundry) for $20, a vibrating bouncer for $5, a zebra that Keegan can ride that plays songs and lights up for $5, a few little odds and ends toys for a couple bucks and a few pieces of clothing at churches rummage sale for next to nothing. Oh and how can I forget I found a maternity top for me and a plain long sleeved onesie that I am going to buy an iron on transfer for from Jo Anns. The only problem with finding all these great deals is that I am running out of places to put it all! We are thinking of storing it at moms house of finding places for it in his bedroom when that is done!

We are going to Cincinnati this coming weekend to go to Ikea. We will pick up his dresser, bookcase, baskets for his bookcase and any other odds and ends that we come across. This in one of our favorite stores of all time. Mom and the girls are going too, we plan on eating a late lunch or early dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory-YUMMY! I cant wait!

Tomorrow is our doctor's appointment with Dr. Frederick, he is the perinatalogist that we have been referred to for the "cyst on his bowel" that they found during my last ultrasound. On the paperwork they gave me they said this appointment could take 2-3 hours so I went ahead and took the afternoon off of work. What I am hoping will happen at this appointment is they will start looking at him more via ultrasound and find that whatever it was that the other tech found has either gone or away or was never there in the first place! So I am just praying that everything is fine in there and they will see he is a growing little boy!

Best Moment of the Week: picking our crib up and my birthday Pedi at Absolute!
Movement: More and more everyday, I have even started to feel him at night when I am drifting off to sleep or waking up!
Food Cravings: Tortilla Soup from Max & Erma's along with the Donut Bank Birthday cake my wonderful Hubby bought me!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: None yet
Belly Button in or Out: in but slowly working its way out
Stretch Marks: No new ones
What I miss: normal feet, the swelling has started folks, maybe I should lower my salt intake!
What I am looking forward to: Dr Frederick telling us that everything is fine with Keegan.
Milestones: Viability day! He officially weighs about 1.5 lbs and I read somewhere he is the size, length wise of an ear of corn (about a foot). He has also started to put on his baby fat, which might make those 3-D ultrasounds a bit more cute, although I doubt it!


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