Monday, July 6, 2009

23 weeks with the "I am going to getting BIGGER?" mindset

So today we reached the 23 week mark! With much more movement, with which you can see and feel from the outside,has been a pretty exciting last week! Ry got to feel him "kick", although I am not really sure what body part it was last Tuesday the 30th-It was WAY cool. Every day he gets more and more active it there, it makes mommy feel good that he is moving so much! I do feel very uncomfortable when he decides to take residences along the bottom of my belly. It seems like the last couple of days that is his favorite place to be and it makes me want to pee ALL the time.

Speaking of peeing, I am getting up now twice, yes ladies and gents you heard me correctly, twice at night to pee. Usually around 12 to 12:30 then again around 3 to 3:30. A couple of nights I have had a VERY hard time falling back to sleep, mainly because it wakes Keegan up and he moves around for quite awhile!

Ryan has started on the nursery! He tore 1/4 of the paneling in the back bedroom down and started to paint stripes on the upper part yesterday. He started with the white ones and has since moved on to the green ones. It should look pretty sweet! But for your viewing pleasure, take notice of "the man" working on the nursery to the right. The tan sections are what will be the blue strips, all in due time though, its a process :) Bottom half is going to be a light brown, what you are seeing in this pic is the wall that is behind the paneling, kinda nasty looking; but my husband being the ingenious person he is, has a solution for the problem! I am oh so proud of him!

Nothing else is really too new, I am in the process of setting my appointment with Jeff and Amanda Seymore of Epic Photography to do our Maternity photo shoot. I am way excite b/c they are both very creative people with "an eye" for wonderful photos! It is defiantly a moment in time that I want captured well!

This coming weekend we have the annual ICI/PCI company picnic. Alan, the owner of ICI/PCI always does it up really big with Rides, games and TONS of giveaways. I was kinda suprised to see he was still doing it this year and from what it looks like almost close to the same capacity. But we have that on Saturday, it includes a fireworks display that we may or may not stick around for. I did take a long weekend next weekend with Monday being my big 2-8 Birthday. Nothing too exciting planned except for a Pedicure at Absolute Beauty. OH and my big Donut Bank birthday cake, my darling husband makes sure I have every year! That will be wonderous! And Abby and Mom's pool should open this weekend ( I have been waitin for this day for about a month and a half)! Tuesday the 14th we go to the Perinatologist to see what the dealio is with little Keegan's bowel. Continue to pray that it has resolved it self and everything is going well in his little world!

Enough of all of this, maybe this time next week the nursery will be close to being done! We get to pick the crib up this week so I am hoping it will be done soon!

Until then~LOVE YOU ALL!


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