Tuesday, January 26, 2010

RSV and the the 4 month check-up

Keegan has been fighting a nasty cough for about a week or so. I called his new Pedi, Dr. C, last week to get their opinion as to whether or not he should come in. They advised us that everything we were doing was right-humidifier, warm rags to wipe his eyes, and monitoring his eating and temperature; only problem was he has never had a temperature.  

So fast forward to Monday. Ry has not been feeling good so he decided to take half a day of work and go to the doctor. I knew it had to be bad because he NEVER goes to the doctor. He called me when he was done to report that he had bronchitis and would be going by the Amanda's to pick up Baby Kee. We then made the decision to call Dr. C to get their opinion on whether he should now come in for not.  They decided since he was supposed to come in on Thursday the 28th that he should go ahead and come in and get checked out.

We had a 1:45 appointment scheduled that Ry  took him to. My work schedule Monday would definitely not allow that to happen, we were slammed-but that is a whole other story. Dr. C came in and swabbed Baby Kee's nose for RSV. He came back in a little while later saying they needed to run another test because even though this one came back positive they "accidentally" left it on long then they would have liked. So they swabbed Baby Kee's nose AGAIN-getting him all pissy for a 2nd time and left the room. A little while later Dr. C came back in and let Ry know that the test came back positive for a second time. Ry then asked what we should do. Doc said that we are doing everything we can and should be doing.  He has to sleep in his car seat because in the incline helps the drainage and we just need to watch to make sure he doesn't get a temperature. He did advise that this rattling cough could continue for another 4 weeks-BOO! I want him to feel better YESTERDAY!

During this appointment they also did all the normal check up stuff.  They weighed him in at a whopping 17 lbs 2 oz and 25 inches long! My little boy is growing up soooo quick. Ry said they also measure his head circumference but really didn't elaborate on the size.  He got his 4 month shots-which evidently hurt him pretty bad because at 9:30 last night his little thigh was still sore.  Dr C mentioned the "2nd gallbladder" and said we would probably do some more testing on it come March. This makes us happy because thus far Dr. Walsh has just taken the word of the tech that it's "possibly" just a cyst on the liver.  So there are move test to follow-GOODY GOODY GUMDROPS!

Food was discussed. We can start Rice ceral at any time and then move on to fruits and vegetables. I did pick up some Rice Ceral with DHA at the grocery on Saturday. I think it's going to be best though to wait until he is feeling little better to start him on anything new. I am excited for him to try it though! 

I also got in contact with Karen from the Shrine hospital in St. Louis. They have received my application for the removal of Keegan's extra fingers and toe. She needed additional information from me to process the application.  I provided as much as I could, which usually consists of a whole book of knowledge.  She couldn't guarantee me that they would be willing to accept him but she is mailing me medical releases to sign and return so they can get his medical records. So fingers crossed that they will say yes and we can book this surgery!

I am praying that Baby Kee gets well soon, Mommy and Daddy hate that he is not feeling 100%!

Monday, January 25, 2010

We're Going to the Zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you!

Keegan took his first trip to the zoo on Saturday January  23rd. The daddies of our group wanted to go see Avatar so the mommies thought we should get together to do something fun too!  Since it was supposed to be a warmer than normal January day, we decided to go to our local zoo, Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Gardens. Around 2:30 the mommies met at the zoo and immediatly went to the newest exhibt, Amazonia. Baby Si and Baz  were there and very excited to be back at the zoo! Baby Keegan on the other hand slept through the whole trip-as evidenced by exhibit A &B:

While we were there we saw a bunch of cool animals. Most of them were out and active, another plus to going in the winter! They were not all hot and tired!
Our favorite animals by far were the baby Jaguars, we tried to get a good picture of them because they were soooo cute, but they kept moving! One was nursing on his mommy with the other was munching on a cantelope! We can't wait to go back when the weather breaks and there is more greenery and some of the ducks are out! After our first trip to the zoo we met the daddy's for dinner, after walking all the hills of Mesker Park, the parents needed some fuel! I think there are going to be many more happy memories made at Mesker!

Until Next Time.....

New News

We have WONDERFUL news to share with our bloggy friends! We got the call last week from Dr. Walshes office that Keegans AFP (Alpha Fetal Protein) test came back.  At his blood draw in November (when he was 2 months old)  his AFP level was well over 1500.  Normal is between 11-300.  That is when we were sent for ultrasounds and CT's of his belly.  We had a blood draw just about a week an half ago and got the results late last week.  Our baby's AFP leve was down to 542! While its not in the "normal" range-It's MUCH better than the previous draw! The prayers are working and we REALLY appreciate each and everyone! I feel much better about where we are with his health!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When he smiles.....

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. Mother Teresa

Milestones are wonderful, even though we find Keegan is a little behind other babies his age, we still look forward to each and every one as they come. I find it hard not to compare him to other babies his age but KNOW that he was 6 weeks early and will remain a "preemie" until he is two years old. His most recent milestone is SMILES! I love it when he smiles. He smiles when you play with his face and when you tickle his thigh. He smiles when you clap his hands together and when you make a funny face at him. It is moments like this that make everything I went through while being pregnant worth it!

This past weekend we took our first road trip, other than to Riley in Indy. We traveled 6 hours north to Millersburg Indiana to visit aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and siblings. The ride up was pretty uneventful for Baby Kee; although it kicked Ryan and I's butt! Keegan slept almost the entire way AND slept the full night once we got there.

It is so much different traveling with a little one compared to Ry and I traveling by ourselves. Gone are the days of one suit case, our mini bag of toiletries and maybe a backpack of snacks, books and Music; because anyone who has a kid knows that when you travel with a child you bring the entire nursery with you. Included would be the pack'n play, boppie, a couple of blankes, mutliple toys for his viewing pleasure, books, clothes, bathing items including but not limited to towels, washclothes, and shampoo. Diapers, wipes and a changing pad are a MUST, along with the handy dandy nose sucker outer, our BIG camera our little camera and the glow worm.  SOOO with that said, once we got in a settled, we all fell asleep and stayed asleep ALL night long.....

The weekend was filled with Family and Food, two of the best things that life has to offer! Family came to meet Keegan on Saturday. He got passed around from Aunt to cousin and then back again. He even got to meet his second cousin Mikeala! They were only due a couple of days apart but Keegan had to make his appearance early so he is about 6 weeks older than Mikeala. They had their first "playdate" while cameras were snapping pictures and mommy was recording what was going on.

We relaxed all weekend long. After the week we had previously been through we all needed it. Ryan and I had the flu the previous weekend and felt just about dead all week. We finally had enough of an appetite on Thursday to eat a real dinner. All nights leading up to this were whatever sounded good or we felt we could keep down. I have not had the flu in a LONG time, I am talking early teens if not before, and when you are having "issues" with both ends, you just pray its going to end soon for everyone's sake. Luckily Keegan's Aunt Abby came and picked him up on Sunday the 9th since both of us were so sick and we wanted to spare him if at all possible!

On top of recovering from the flu I had LOTS of laundry to do. Neglecting it for even a day in our house is detrimental! Baby laundry is a phenomenon. It multiples at an astounding rate-one day I think we are good and having his drawers and closet full and the next day we are scrounging for a sleep and play! So I had to do laundry to have stuff to pack and to do laundry I had to have energy to go up and down the basement steps....do you see where this became a problem?

Needless to say it all got done and packed by Thursday night.  I over packed, because I always do and I felt that we were better safe than sorry in case Kee had a blowout or sweat buckets in his car seat (which he did!).

So ultimately even with all the stress of the previous week, we all had a great time and hope to see everyone soon! Keegan ended up with a head cold and some odd eye funk so we are waiting for that to clear up so he is back to his old self.  The next week or so should be intresting, Ryan and I are going to move around the living room this weekend and Keegan's 4 month check-up on the 28th; complete with the next round of shots! It should be fun~I will be posting before then-I promise!

Because he is too darn cute!

AFP Update

Thursday the 14th was a big day because we had to go to the hospital to have Keegan's blood drawn for another AFP Level run. It was a horrible experience and I hope beyond hope we dont have to do it again ANY TIME SOON! I am going to GO OFF for a second because the the "Techs" if you want to call them that did a HORRIBLE job.  I held him while then pinned his little arm down at a very odd angle while they pricked him with a butterfly, the whole time he was screaming bloody murder and then they decided that one tube of blood wasn't enough....their reasoning...just in case they want to test him for something else...UMMMM EXCUSE ME-WE ARE HERE FOR AN AFP LEVEL ONLY! I was soooo mad,the poor little guy kept screaming until finally he tuckered himself out completely and fell asleep in his car seat. This just goes to show even more why Riley is so great, they cater to children and try to cause the least amount of trauma as possible. We are still waiting to hear the results of this newest test and only hope the levels are on their way down! Keep on praying!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am still alive...

Ryan, Keegan and I are still alive folks, I PROMISE! Between the Flu that rampaged our house last weekend, Packing and organizing last week for our trip up north, and then the actual trip up north; I had NO time for anything, including FaceBook and blogging.

I assure you that come the beginning of the week there will be cute pictures, stories and updates. I would tease you with a smiley baby photo right now but my butt is too lazy to get off the couch to get the usb drive for pictures! That's life though!

Until then......

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Put your Mind to it, Go For it

Keegan started his physical therapy this past week! We are very excited! I got a call Monday morning at work from the PT that a friend suggested (thanks Leslie!)  saying that she would like to see Keegan for his first appointment that day. I knew I would be hearing from them soon, but wow, I was amazed they called already and wanted to get started right away. My sister happened to be taking care of him on Monday so she came over to the house. For about 45 minutes they worked on his neck and head. Keegan's neck muscles are more tight on one side than the other, I guess it's pretty common, the coordinators at First Steps reffered to it as Torticollis. His PT, did lots of exercises with his included laying him on his "bad" side (left) and putting toys or pretty objects on that side so he will turn his head that way. She also did an exercise where we roll him to his "bad" side; thus forcing him to turn his head in that direction and not just let it flop that way.

I started to do these exercises with him last night, they went relatively well. I put on a music video for 3 month olds to try to get him to turn his head toward that direction, although he didn't see too interested in the video, he cooperated for the exercises.

Tummy Time before he got frustrated
Riley called yesterday. I had asked them about Keegan's AFP level in relation to possible cancer in Ryan and I. Because of the Christmas holiday she was just able to get back to me with the good news being that we most likely have nothing to worry about. They do want him to have his blood drawn again to test for those markers. We are able to do that here at our local hospital instead of driving all the way to Indy. I will do that as soon as I can find time.
On another note-It is down right freakin cold here! I have NOT gone back to Massachusetts for a reason and this is #1-The FRIGID cold, #2 being the snow, which we are expect to get 2-4 inches of. Our houses here in Evansville just aren't made for this kind of cold and neither are the drivers in this city! I am NOT looking forward to the commute to work tomorrow morning, it should be interesting to say the least.

We are still working on the blog, I applogize for not having live links up at the top, Its a work in progress, I do it as I get spare time, which seems few and far between these days-but eventually it will all be fully functioning! Feel free to add our "Praying for Keegan" button to your blog! We love your support.

Until next time!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Raising a glass to 2009, oh what a year

It is that time of year to reflect back on the year that has passed us all to quickly; to remember the good and bad times and to look forward to what the next year holds. This year has been especially memorable and unforgettable. Here is my look back at 2009 in pictures.

January '09

Ry taking plaster down so we can hang drywall

The old "Blah" kitchen

February '09

This a look down our street from our front door

A nice iced over branch in the front yard

March '09
Can't find the picture of the positive pregnancy test or our first anniversary picture!

April '09


May '09

14 weeks Pregnant

16 weeks Pregnant

June '09


He was growing like a weed....so was I
We picked out the bedding for his room-Splash by MiGi

July '09

24 weeks

Keegan's Bedroom closer to being done

24 week Growth Scan-Cuter with baby fat on his cheeks

26 weeks

My First Baby Shower with all the Pregnant Ladies in the family!

August '09

28 weeks

30 weeks

31 weeks and my baby shower with my sisters!

Party Time!

1 of my 3 diaper cakes! Love it!

September '09

Last picture taken of me Pregnant at 32 weeks

Born 9/23/09 at 7 lbs 10.8 oz at 5:41 pm via C-section after laboring all day

Being loved on in the NICU for 2 weeks due to prematurity

hooked up to all kinds of machines

October '09

Getting ready to go home! Finally!

My first car ride on October 6th

Keegan's newborn photos

after getting out of the hospital after loosing lots of blood and a d & c

Keegan's first Halloween-here with his cousin Laura

November '09

Meeting Grandpa & Grandma Sedgwick

with Papaw Mike before his first Christmas Parade

Our first family Christmas picture

sleepin through his first parade

Meeting his Great Nana at his first Thanksgiving

Meeting his cousin Ciara at Thanksgiving

Being loved on by his Great Aunt Jacky
December '09

3 month  pictures at Penny's

getting my first build a bear-well puppy

Keegan's First Christmas Tree

Papaw Mike and Grandma on Keegan's first Christmas

All his goodies!

One of the first smiles caught on camera

2009 sure was a year! I am positive I have so many more pics that could have been included but for the sake of everyone's sanity I narrowed it down! I feel blessed for such a fabulous 2009 and hope for just as wonderful 2010, with just a little more organization and motivation! Happy New Year Everyone-you will be seeing more of us soon!