Tuesday, January 19, 2010

AFP Update

Thursday the 14th was a big day because we had to go to the hospital to have Keegan's blood drawn for another AFP Level run. It was a horrible experience and I hope beyond hope we dont have to do it again ANY TIME SOON! I am going to GO OFF for a second because the the "Techs" if you want to call them that did a HORRIBLE job.  I held him while then pinned his little arm down at a very odd angle while they pricked him with a butterfly, the whole time he was screaming bloody murder and then they decided that one tube of blood wasn't enough....their reasoning...just in case they want to test him for something else...UMMMM EXCUSE ME-WE ARE HERE FOR AN AFP LEVEL ONLY! I was soooo mad,the poor little guy kept screaming until finally he tuckered himself out completely and fell asleep in his car seat. This just goes to show even more why Riley is so great, they cater to children and try to cause the least amount of trauma as possible. We are still waiting to hear the results of this newest test and only hope the levels are on their way down! Keep on praying!


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