Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So last Thursday I had some pretty bad vag pain, yea sorry dad. So I called Dr. Mann's office (our OB) just to see what they thought it might be. I thought maybe pressure pain from being constantly constipated and gassy. The nurse I spoke with said we could do one of two things. Come in for some testing or talk to Dr. Mann and see what he thought. I told her to chat it up with the Doctor and call me back. So about 2 hours later I get a call that he wanted me to come in for an ultrasound the next morning at 7:50-to be completely honest I was elated. I didn't have to wait until May 1st to see and hear our baby! So here is Baby Chupp's Debut!
The day these were done we were supposedly 11 wks 6 days pregnant, according to the measurement of the baby we were actually 12 wks 4 days pregnant. His/Her heartbeat was at 162 bpm. The sound of Baby Chupp's little heart was sooooo wonderful to hear! I go to the Doctor on May 1st at 9am for my monthly checkup. I am going to ask Dr. Mann if they will go by the due day that the ultrasound is predicting, if that is the case we will actually be due on 11/2/09!

I also wanted to share I feel like a beached whale most days here lately. Since I have been eating like a normal person, I am feeling bigger than ever. Both Ryan and my mom say that's it is all part of it but I worked so darn hard for so long to get to a healthy weight! Its just hard to let go of that mentality sometimes! Anyway I best be getting going, but will update really soon!
Love you All!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Quandary of Preparation.

So where do I begin? Excitement, fear, anxiety, frustration, amazement, most of all joy are just a few words that can describe how I feel. I try hard to get things done around the house so I can enjoy our baby when it comes but it seems that every time I turn around the house throws something at me that I either wasn't expecting or knew was going to need to be done but not right now. Take the bathroom for instance we just remodeled it not 2 years ago and already the shower cracked leaving me scrambling this weekend to get it torn out and a new tub put in. We had planned on putting in a new tub in place of the massive shower before the baby came anyways but I was hoping it would wait till the kitchen was complete. O'well I guess God knew we had the money now. It is though I am spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. Hopefully I can complete everything prior to the baby coming so I can actually spend quality time with it rather than spending weekends fixing a never ending barrage of home "improvements."

Saturday, April 25, 2009


As I get friends and family invited to follow this wonderful adventure, please relay any email address that you may know that I don't. Ry and I look forward to sharing this adventure with all of you, you mean so much to us and can't wait for you to meet our new addition!

We will both be posting to this blog as well as adding pictures and surveys. Check back often we will try to update the blog every couple of days.