Thursday, April 26, 2012

Well Hello there World, it's me, Beth

I apologize for the unannounced hiatus from the blogosphere. I have been one busy lady in the last month! I try to stay busy to keep the emotions and thoughts at bay. It's just easier that way, don't get me wrong I think about him and let myself grieve but if I didn't stay busy I am almost positive I would be curled up in bed, in the fetal position unable to move. So, therefore, I say busy.

I am in the process of starting a foundation in Keegan's name and honor in hopes to bring awareness to childhood cancer and help families in similar situations. The name of the foundation will be Kee to Hope Foundation . I am just in the beginning stages but I have high hopes that with Keegan as my inspiration we can do big things! I already started some of the fundraising efforts by offering this T-Shirt for $10. It lists kiddos on the back, both living and deceased, that have/had brain cancer. The fact that all I had to do was go to my facebook page and I had 15 names to list on the back within 24 hours is just SAD! There are all kiddos under the age of 16 if you can see that part at the top! There are so many costs to starting a foundation that this will help toward the "greater good".

May is brain tumor awareness month. I am sure most of you know that as I post about it every year. But this year both May and September are very significant to me so there for I will make it known to the world what brain cancer (May) and childhood cancer (September) are doing to our children. Awareness is key and it will help us get the funding needed to finding cures!

There is a website that you can buy brain tumor awareness gear and the money goes back to fund research. Specifically if you want gear with Keegan's picture on it this is the place to go! Brain Tumor Wall of Courage is the place and you will find lots of goodies. I have bought pins and a tshirt to sport with my babies picture on it. 

<----------That is it! The first time I saw his updated status I bawled my eyes out. While it still stings for me to see the little angel halo around the corner I amp my self up for it to know its coming.

So if you could check out that site and maybe buy something to support us I would appreciate it, plus if you send me a picture of you sport your gear or even your gray I will upload it here and share with our followers. 

Ry and I will be leaving the country for a week coming here VERY soon. We are taking a much needed vacation on a cruise in the Caribbean. I am very anxious for the time with my husband but also fearful that I will have a break down. After all the 2 year anniversary of Keegan diagnosis is coming up very soon and I also already dreading mother's day. 

I will be back soon, I promise with pictures and tale for the cruise-until then , help spread the word about brain tumor awareness moth and check out my foundation page on facebook!