Tuesday, January 26, 2010

RSV and the the 4 month check-up

Keegan has been fighting a nasty cough for about a week or so. I called his new Pedi, Dr. C, last week to get their opinion as to whether or not he should come in. They advised us that everything we were doing was right-humidifier, warm rags to wipe his eyes, and monitoring his eating and temperature; only problem was he has never had a temperature.  

So fast forward to Monday. Ry has not been feeling good so he decided to take half a day of work and go to the doctor. I knew it had to be bad because he NEVER goes to the doctor. He called me when he was done to report that he had bronchitis and would be going by the Amanda's to pick up Baby Kee. We then made the decision to call Dr. C to get their opinion on whether he should now come in for not.  They decided since he was supposed to come in on Thursday the 28th that he should go ahead and come in and get checked out.

We had a 1:45 appointment scheduled that Ry  took him to. My work schedule Monday would definitely not allow that to happen, we were slammed-but that is a whole other story. Dr. C came in and swabbed Baby Kee's nose for RSV. He came back in a little while later saying they needed to run another test because even though this one came back positive they "accidentally" left it on long then they would have liked. So they swabbed Baby Kee's nose AGAIN-getting him all pissy for a 2nd time and left the room. A little while later Dr. C came back in and let Ry know that the test came back positive for a second time. Ry then asked what we should do. Doc said that we are doing everything we can and should be doing.  He has to sleep in his car seat because in the incline helps the drainage and we just need to watch to make sure he doesn't get a temperature. He did advise that this rattling cough could continue for another 4 weeks-BOO! I want him to feel better YESTERDAY!

During this appointment they also did all the normal check up stuff.  They weighed him in at a whopping 17 lbs 2 oz and 25 inches long! My little boy is growing up soooo quick. Ry said they also measure his head circumference but really didn't elaborate on the size.  He got his 4 month shots-which evidently hurt him pretty bad because at 9:30 last night his little thigh was still sore.  Dr C mentioned the "2nd gallbladder" and said we would probably do some more testing on it come March. This makes us happy because thus far Dr. Walsh has just taken the word of the tech that it's "possibly" just a cyst on the liver.  So there are move test to follow-GOODY GOODY GUMDROPS!

Food was discussed. We can start Rice ceral at any time and then move on to fruits and vegetables. I did pick up some Rice Ceral with DHA at the grocery on Saturday. I think it's going to be best though to wait until he is feeling little better to start him on anything new. I am excited for him to try it though! 

I also got in contact with Karen from the Shrine hospital in St. Louis. They have received my application for the removal of Keegan's extra fingers and toe. She needed additional information from me to process the application.  I provided as much as I could, which usually consists of a whole book of knowledge.  She couldn't guarantee me that they would be willing to accept him but she is mailing me medical releases to sign and return so they can get his medical records. So fingers crossed that they will say yes and we can book this surgery!

I am praying that Baby Kee gets well soon, Mommy and Daddy hate that he is not feeling 100%!


  1. Poor little guy! Good luck with the RSV, upcoming tests, and the application as well. I know all about the waiting game-- it stinks-- so I'm wishing you speedy answers on the unknowns.

  2. Thanks Beth, your Keegan is soooo adorable!!!! I love it. I love your beautiful blog as well. I was wondering... how did you get your signature all cute like that?? I would love the website if you have it. Thanks for your comments. I'm glad to have my blog friends! They help more than they know, so thank YOU!


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