Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Moment in Time

Tonight I rocked my baby. Tonight I rocked my baby while singing to him. Tonight I rocked my baby while singing a song from Marc Broussard and the whole world seemed to stop.  It was one of those moments where, even though you know it can't, you just want it to last forever.

Keegan had been fussing for a little while this evening while sitting in his Boppy. I decided a call to my Grammy and Grampy was in order since I have not talked to them in a while. While I was on the phone he got more and more aggravated because his paci kept popping out of his mouth.

Meanwhile Ry was sitting on the other end of the couch working on my sisters monogram thingy for her wedding in July. He had itunes up and was listening to some mellow music. The music that was playing reminded me of Marc and I asked him to put something from him on. I scooped up Baby Kee and began to rock him slowly while sitting on the couch. He snuggled into me and began to close his eyes. As I sang The Wanderer I just watched my baby and thought about how time is just flying by! It seems like only yesterday I was being induced for Pre-Eclampsia and looking forward to meeting my baby boy. It's moments like that that I WISH could last forever!


  1. Could be the pregnancy hormones, but defintely made me tear up!! Such special moments, can't wait to have some with my own little one!!

  2. Sweetly said. I love your blog! It looks so good!

  3. i bet you remember that moment forever... i remember moments when you and your sisters were little ones... treasure it always


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