Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am a bad blogger because....
  • I would rather be playing on this REALLY new cool app for my IPOD Touch 
  • I would rather relax after a LONG day answering insurance questions
  • I would rather dedicate my "spare" time to loving on my husband who is very patient with this
  • I would rather clean up the kitchen after dinner, prep bottles and pre-set the coffee maker
  • I would rather play with my 5 month old because time is flying by
These are only some, on a long list of reasons I have not been a good blogger lately, and I am sorry very sorry! So now that we have gotten that out of the way, lots of things have been happening around our humble house.....
Baby Keegan turned 5 months old today! Oh my oh my how the time is flying by! My mom uploaded this picture to facebook tonight:

I kept turning to Ryan and talking about how small and RED he was! Look at the tone of that skin, oh my gosh! I forgot how red he was and that was only five short months ago! What else am I gonna forget between now and the time he grows up and moves out of our house to start a life of his own. The thought is just too overwhelming. I forever want to remember how he smells, how he will look up at you with his big blue googley eyes, his extra little fingers and toe and just how many obstacles this poor little guy has gone through in his few short months on this earth!.

One reason I bring this up is because of this post, "Embrace". I read this post the other day, at the time Keegan was at Mrs. Amanda's and all I wanted to do wast scoop him up and embrace him, I wanted to Embrace him for all the things I mentioned above. I wanted to embrace him because Jess can't embrace her baby Stephen anymore. I wanted to embrace him because life is short and you never know what can and will happen, there is no way to predict. I wanted to embrace him because he is my baby and I love him more than life itself. 

Her post really got me thinking yesterday and I just felt I needed to share her story.I find myself praying for the Bowman's in my little prayers to the one above every night. Their story, while empowering, heartfelt, and true- is a hard one to hear. I admire her strength, her children's strength and her husband's strength. I pray for them every night and hope that they embrace their love for one another and the love they felt for baby Stephen who is now in a better place waiting for the day he can spend eternity with his family.

As awkward and hard as this transition is........here is some "lighter" stuff:

Today marks Keegan's five months here on earth! I try to get a pic each month with his little giraffe-We had some fun tonight taking his "monthly picture". His doggy Lexus decided she wanted to lick his face! Yucky! Here are some of his pictures:

Onto some other news. I have signed appropriate paperwork for the Shrine hospital to release any and all of his medical records to them so they can see if they will be able to remove his fingers and toe. I think I will rest a little easier if and when they accept us so I know its being taken care of. I know I can't and shouldn't put any shoes on the little guy until those are removed. 

People keep asking me about his next appointment at Riley, right now, we don't have a visit scheduled until the end of May. This is a GREAT thing! We may or may not have more blood tests between now and then though!

We tried rice cereal a few weeks ago and the didn't get the concept of the spoon and food really well. I am proud to announce that we tried it again last night and he was excited! In fact he got so excited at one point that he shoved his fingers in his mouth, got food all over them, then rubbed his hands up and down his onesie and legs! It was the cutest thing EVER! I look forward to introducing fruits in the next couple of weeks and seeing how he reacts to those!

We are also in the trenches of "THE FOUR MONTH WAKEFUL".  Keegan was sleeping through the night at 2 months old, which I know, was lucky and I should thank my lucky stars that he slept through the night so young. But I can't help but get grumpy when Keegan wakes up at 2 just because. I try not to stimulate him too much. I may give him a couple ounces of warm formula and change his diaper but after that I try to put him right down so he gets the idea its not play time and he should be sleeping. I have heard this phase goes away but I don't think that this can be too soon! It's a lot for a mommy and daddy who work full time and have a house to keep up! 

We have also decided that in April we are enrolling in a local swim class with Baby Kee! I think it will be so much fun and will be beneficial for us and him! It's pretty cheap and since I learned to swim very young, I find its the best way to keep him safe in and around the water! 

Well, its getting late and Keegan needs his last bottle before I turn in for a couple hours of sleep. Please, if you haven't already done so go check out Think: Bowmans blog page and say a little prayer for them tonight AND don't forget to EMBRACE those you love!


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