Saturday, February 27, 2010

Smackin' a H**

I am beyond upset; and this happened well over 5 hours ago! Laura and I went to a craft fair thingy at one of the local high schools. I had the baby because Ryan and Rexx went to see a movie. We were walking around trying to get some ideas for our little business venture when this RUDE lady spoiled my other wise happy day!

Like most people who notice you have an infant they peek around to see who/what is in the infant carrier atop your stroller. Well this RUDE lady, peeks around my stroller and says " That is one chubby baby" as she is walking away. I heard part of it but Laura heard ALL of it and if we would not have been walking in opposite directions I would have walked up and SMACKED the H**! I was and still am sooooo mad! She has NO idea that he does/doesn't have any problems, for all she knows he could have been 8 months old! Some people need to shut their mouths!

That is all!

**I had to write about it to vent**
Thanks for listening!


  1. I hear you. my son is a "chubby" baby too. He is 18lbs 8oz at 4 months. People are rude, he drinks formula - it's not like I feed him coke and cheetos to fatten him up. I'm sorry it bothered you, you aren't the only one!

  2. People say that about Lillian all the time too. They don't know she has a genetic syndrome that gives her a weaker metabolism, so I let it slide... but since when is it EVER appropriate to comment on anyones weight?!

  3. I would be so upset too! Anytime someone mentions McKenna's little "fat rolls" I want to scream. They have no idea that she lost more weight than she was supposed to the first week home and that we had MAJOR feeding issues. I'd so much rather her be a healthy baby than underweight.


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