Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When he smiles.....

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. Mother Teresa

Milestones are wonderful, even though we find Keegan is a little behind other babies his age, we still look forward to each and every one as they come. I find it hard not to compare him to other babies his age but KNOW that he was 6 weeks early and will remain a "preemie" until he is two years old. His most recent milestone is SMILES! I love it when he smiles. He smiles when you play with his face and when you tickle his thigh. He smiles when you clap his hands together and when you make a funny face at him. It is moments like this that make everything I went through while being pregnant worth it!

This past weekend we took our first road trip, other than to Riley in Indy. We traveled 6 hours north to Millersburg Indiana to visit aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and siblings. The ride up was pretty uneventful for Baby Kee; although it kicked Ryan and I's butt! Keegan slept almost the entire way AND slept the full night once we got there.

It is so much different traveling with a little one compared to Ry and I traveling by ourselves. Gone are the days of one suit case, our mini bag of toiletries and maybe a backpack of snacks, books and Music; because anyone who has a kid knows that when you travel with a child you bring the entire nursery with you. Included would be the pack'n play, boppie, a couple of blankes, mutliple toys for his viewing pleasure, books, clothes, bathing items including but not limited to towels, washclothes, and shampoo. Diapers, wipes and a changing pad are a MUST, along with the handy dandy nose sucker outer, our BIG camera our little camera and the glow worm.  SOOO with that said, once we got in a settled, we all fell asleep and stayed asleep ALL night long.....

The weekend was filled with Family and Food, two of the best things that life has to offer! Family came to meet Keegan on Saturday. He got passed around from Aunt to cousin and then back again. He even got to meet his second cousin Mikeala! They were only due a couple of days apart but Keegan had to make his appearance early so he is about 6 weeks older than Mikeala. They had their first "playdate" while cameras were snapping pictures and mommy was recording what was going on.

We relaxed all weekend long. After the week we had previously been through we all needed it. Ryan and I had the flu the previous weekend and felt just about dead all week. We finally had enough of an appetite on Thursday to eat a real dinner. All nights leading up to this were whatever sounded good or we felt we could keep down. I have not had the flu in a LONG time, I am talking early teens if not before, and when you are having "issues" with both ends, you just pray its going to end soon for everyone's sake. Luckily Keegan's Aunt Abby came and picked him up on Sunday the 9th since both of us were so sick and we wanted to spare him if at all possible!

On top of recovering from the flu I had LOTS of laundry to do. Neglecting it for even a day in our house is detrimental! Baby laundry is a phenomenon. It multiples at an astounding rate-one day I think we are good and having his drawers and closet full and the next day we are scrounging for a sleep and play! So I had to do laundry to have stuff to pack and to do laundry I had to have energy to go up and down the basement steps....do you see where this became a problem?

Needless to say it all got done and packed by Thursday night.  I over packed, because I always do and I felt that we were better safe than sorry in case Kee had a blowout or sweat buckets in his car seat (which he did!).

So ultimately even with all the stress of the previous week, we all had a great time and hope to see everyone soon! Keegan ended up with a head cold and some odd eye funk so we are waiting for that to clear up so he is back to his old self.  The next week or so should be intresting, Ryan and I are going to move around the living room this weekend and Keegan's 4 month check-up on the 28th; complete with the next round of shots! It should be fun~I will be posting before then-I promise!

Because he is too darn cute!

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  1. yes!.. because he is soooo damn cute!


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