Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Put your Mind to it, Go For it

Keegan started his physical therapy this past week! We are very excited! I got a call Monday morning at work from the PT that a friend suggested (thanks Leslie!)  saying that she would like to see Keegan for his first appointment that day. I knew I would be hearing from them soon, but wow, I was amazed they called already and wanted to get started right away. My sister happened to be taking care of him on Monday so she came over to the house. For about 45 minutes they worked on his neck and head. Keegan's neck muscles are more tight on one side than the other, I guess it's pretty common, the coordinators at First Steps reffered to it as Torticollis. His PT, did lots of exercises with his included laying him on his "bad" side (left) and putting toys or pretty objects on that side so he will turn his head that way. She also did an exercise where we roll him to his "bad" side; thus forcing him to turn his head in that direction and not just let it flop that way.

I started to do these exercises with him last night, they went relatively well. I put on a music video for 3 month olds to try to get him to turn his head toward that direction, although he didn't see too interested in the video, he cooperated for the exercises.

Tummy Time before he got frustrated
Riley called yesterday. I had asked them about Keegan's AFP level in relation to possible cancer in Ryan and I. Because of the Christmas holiday she was just able to get back to me with the good news being that we most likely have nothing to worry about. They do want him to have his blood drawn again to test for those markers. We are able to do that here at our local hospital instead of driving all the way to Indy. I will do that as soon as I can find time.
On another note-It is down right freakin cold here! I have NOT gone back to Massachusetts for a reason and this is #1-The FRIGID cold, #2 being the snow, which we are expect to get 2-4 inches of. Our houses here in Evansville just aren't made for this kind of cold and neither are the drivers in this city! I am NOT looking forward to the commute to work tomorrow morning, it should be interesting to say the least.

We are still working on the blog, I applogize for not having live links up at the top, Its a work in progress, I do it as I get spare time, which seems few and far between these days-but eventually it will all be fully functioning! Feel free to add our "Praying for Keegan" button to your blog! We love your support.

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