Monday, July 20, 2009

25 Weeks! Holy COW! (and by cow I mean me)

Okay so today marks 25 weeks by the Estimated Delivery Date BUT there are a few wee little problems with that blessed day. It all starts with our visit with the High Risk Doctor last week. Tuesday the 14th we went to see Dr. Fitzpatrick. GREAT doctor, I think we both REALLY liked him. We were there to find out what the "issue" was with little Keegan's bowel. After about an 1 hour of ultrasound, both regular and 3-D. Dr Fitzpatrick and Dr. Lee (consulting doctor) took us into a little room with a couch, a couple of chairs and a coffee table. They proceeded to tell us that there is no cysts at all in the lower quadrant but rather Keegan has an unusual problem. He has not 1 but 2 gallbladders. The chances of this are pretty rare, I think he quoted us like 1:10,000. It really doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of difference in his health. He will just have to be ultra sound after birth to verify 100% that that is what it is. Our Doctor though is 95% sure that it is this rather than a growth on the liver or other such abnormality.

So, problem number 1 semi-some-what solved, the best to our ability right now anyway. But there is another slight problem. At 24 weeks 1 day, our little Keegan weighed 2 lbs 1 oz. This is WAY big! The average fetal weight for this gestation is 1.25-1.30 lbs. Needless to say, Dr. Fitzpatrick wants to see us back on August 11th for a growth scan. I am thinking, and this is just me thinking, they are either A) going to move my delivery date up or B) Schedule me a C-section dependent on the Gestational Diabetes test this coming friday. Only time will tell, I will definatly post what I find out!

So last weeks appointments left Ryan and I feeling pretty good about the baby's health, even though we weren't really worried (or tried not to be).

We made the LONG trip to Cincinnati this past weekend to visit IKEA and buy the furniture for Keegan's room. We were very sucessful and even managed to snag the lighting we were wanting for the kitchen! As I write, Ryan is in the nursery painting the bottom half of the room brown. This leaves a second coat of brown, the chair rail to be put up, and all the trim to be painted. Then we are either having the carpet cleaned or cleaning it ourselves and washing the blinds REALLY good. Then we are ready to set up all this wonderful NEW furniture for his room! I can't wait! I will have a place to put all these clothes I have been buying!

Our first baby shower is this coming Saturday. Toni, my sister-in-law is throwing it for us. We are very excited to see everyone and very thankful she is doing this for us! I really didn't expect it but it was a pleasant surprise! It will defiantly be a long trip but worth it none the less!

Best Moment of the Week: Getting a Hooter Hider for $14.99!
Movement: Getting Higher and higher, I feel like he may kick my throat soon!
Food Cravings: O-R-E-O-S and MILK!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: None yet
Belly Button in or Out: In, but working its way outward!
Stretch Marks: yep!
What I miss: Mc Cafe Mocha's
What I am looking forward to: going to Millersburg and seeing Family at our first baby shower!
Milestones: I can defiantly tell where his head is at different times now, is that because it is so large?

PS-Grammy the 3-D ones are for you! :)


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