Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Month has come and gone....

Today marks Keegan's 1st month on earth and my how it has flown. Although he shouldn't even really be here yet, he is doing very well. When he came home from the NICU on October 6th he was on 2 oz of formula. Since then he is now taking 4 oz at each feeding and pretty much eating as often as before. For the past two and half weeks since he has been home, he had enjoyed meeting his doggies, Ducan and Lexus, hanging out in his swing, playing on he playmat, and chillin on the couch with mom and dad in his boppy.

Even though he is still up atleast 2 times during the night, he is doing really well with his everyday routine! He sleeps a lot but also has gained more and more "awake" time the last couple of weeks. It's really neat to see him be able to do more and more things. He now can focus on faces and has started to move his head around on his own! I will have him laying on my chest when all of a sudden he is a wildman moving his head all over the place.

Have I mentioned that we have one gassy little boy? He is not a big burper, infact we are lucky to get one burp out after his 4 oz feeding. But just wait about 30 minutes or so and he will be able to hang with the best of them. His ability to fart is amazing, you can tell he is OUR son! (I would blame it all on Ryan but anyone who knows me knows that I, along with my son, can hang with the best of them) My favorite is when you are holding him, while feeding him mind you, and he farts in your hand.....its really kind of funny!

He is still wearing newborn diapers and can also still fit in newborn clothing. He hasn't been weighed lately but I am assuming he is pushing the 10 lb mark. The 0-3 clothes are still a little large on him but I have a feeling in no time he will be out growing those as well.

He went on his first walk on Wednesday October 21st. He was all bundled up with a hat, mittens, and socks that matched his little gown. He seemed to like it alright. We had to make the walk short because mommy was still very light headed after loosing a ton of blood on Monday. It was nice to get out in the fresh air!


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