Saturday, July 3, 2010


Gargantuan THUMBS DOWN to my former employer and what they have done. They along with the unemployment office have denied my unemployment claim! I am so frustrated I could spit fire! I really want to know how a company can expect you to return to work with a child fighting cancer; a 9 month old at that! I just needed to vent-I am going to appeal this denial OF COARSE but I only have until July 12th to do so. So with the fact that I am in Indy currently, its a holiday weekend and we are looking at being in hospital longer than originally thought because it took to darn long to get a room, I have to hurry my butt up as soon as we get home and get my appeal together. Wish me luck and pray that I can win this fight, like I really needed something else on my plate; I mean REALLY!


  1. Saw your prayer request on Kelly's blog... I will pray for Keegan and you family

  2. Beth, So sorry you are dealing with this - definitely not something you should be having to spend energy and worry on now.

    We'll be praying the appeal is painless and quickly approved! Let me know if there's anything we can do!

  3. So sorry to hear that! It is so disappointing!

  4. i feel like spitting fire for you - how can people live with themselves... will continue prayers for you and your family thru these times...


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