Thursday, August 30, 2012

6 Weeks

6 weeks. 60,480 minutes. This is how long I am gonna be away from my husband. He is going out of town on Tuesday September 4th. He will be living/working/playing in NYC, The Bronx to be exact.

The anxiety about the trip started at the beginning of this week since it was "official" and all. 6 weeks he will be working on a water treatment facility plant and not home with me and our dogs, the thought of it breaks my heart. I have called my doctor and am having them refill my klonopin as we speak. I have been off of it since shortly after Keegan passed away but I think I may need it. I know me and I know my anxiety {My therapist thinks a pretty good idea too}.

So if anyone feels like they want to keep me company or take me on a "date" {girls only of coarse, I'm a married woman!} feel free to call/email/face book me. I am sure I am gonna go through my ENTIRE book stash, maybe even start eating microwave meals, knitting, and being an introvert......JUST KIDDING, I could NEVER be like that......but seriously I know I will get lonely!

 I do have a web cam and hopefully *fingers crossed* a hubby on the other hand that can take some time out and Skype with his lonely wife.
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  1. Speaking of Books. Since I can't take you on a date, I can suggest some more!!

    The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
    The Mortal Instrument Series by Cassandra Clare (theres 5 books) and her prequel series The Clockwork Angel and The Clockwork Prince.. but you have to read atleast up until the 3rd book of The Mortal Instruments to get some of the inside jokes in the prequel series. It'll be ok!!! Atleast you have the puppies! Thomas and I did a little over 2 months apart last year.. Its rough but its doable. Skype as much as you can. Spray one of your pillows with his cologne. Or you can just come down and stay with us for a couple weeks :)

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  3. Hi Beth,

    My friend sent me to your blog because I too live in S. IN. I'm not sure where you are exactly, but there's a group of ladies that meet every Wednesday night from 5p-8? and knit. We're currently meeting at Panera on Burkhardt Rd in Evansville. We'd love to have you join us. You can find us on Facebook:

    -Stephanie C.


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