Thursday, December 29, 2011

You know, that post where I tell you I am gonna shave my head for money.

So y'all know about St. Baldrick's Foundation right? Well I have formed a team here in Evansville. The shave is going to take place March 15th at RiRa's. I felt that Team Keegan needed to represent in the fight against childhood cancer. I have one other Shavee on my team but would LOVE to have ATLEAST 3 heard that right....three more shavee's.

All you gotta do is head over to HERE and you can either sign-up on Team Keegan to volunteer, be shaved or donate monies! I will be holding random contests for stupid stuff over NOW HERE to see what is going on on any given day!

Tonight  "It has been decided from the Team Keegan Page that if we 1) Get another volunteer(tonight) to definitely shave their head with me for St. Baldricks here in Evansville 2) Get $50 in donations (totally tonight) from random donars that I will take a picture of my fat butt standing in a headstand in my hall and post it on FB!"

So there ya go! ::Que Theme Music:: Lets get it start ah lets get it started in heeerrreee::

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  1. <3 I shaved my head almost 4 years ago when my sister's hair begand to fall out from chemo. She was 21 and had lymphoma, but after 3 stem cell transplants and chemo, she has been cancer free a little over a year. I cut off 28+ inches of my hair (for as long as I can remember, everyone knew me for having long hair), along with my mom and another sister I have. It was not as bad as you would think! It was liberating at times and made showers a breeze! I wouldnt change those times for the world! I found your blog through Scarlett's and I love reading your story. Although this is my first comment, we have always said prayers for your family. I wish I had more eloquent words to offer, but it is an amazing thing you are doing keeping your blog going and precious Keegan alive through your words for all of us. God bless!


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