Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We have had a nice vacation at home. I know weird right?!? I feel like we "live" at Riley and take mini vacations at home right now. We have had a great week; although I am not taking him out in public places to risk catching something while his counts are low. Keegan has been able to sleep in his OWN crib, play with his OWN toys and be with family. Friends have come by to visit and mommy has got to run a bunch of much needed errands.

Chemo Round #2 was started here at home. He has been given Etoposide for the last 8 days and for 5 days he received Temozolomide. Both are highly toxic and if you are in childbearing years should be very careful in handling it. My mom, who happens to be an RN and has moved into our house to help take care of our pup dogs while we are "home at Riley", has been gracious enough to prepare each evenings dose which both need to be mixed with Apple Juice. The first night we tried to put the "special juice" in a bottle to have him take orally, but when he tasted it we quickly knew that oral was not the way to go and we needed to push it through his G-Tube. He has responded pretty well, not any vomiting and he has been in such a great mood ( I personally think it's cause we are home).  We had to run to Indy for Vincristine yesterday, its a IV push chemo drug that he will get almost every week (9 doses). During our appointment yesterday we discussed our inpatient stay this weekend , what drugs would be given and how it should just be a wham-bam-thank you mama kind of stay. Check in Friday at 1, chemo drugs later that day with LOTS of IV fluids, then chemo drugs Saturday with LOTS of IV fluids and released either Saturday or Sunday! YEA maybe we will be home for  small get together on the 4th-who knows! Downside to that is we have to be back on Tuesday (In Indy) for his Vincristine shot.

We are very happy to be home and he has been made some new milestones while at home. He has recently started really "talking". He does Dada and lots of other gibber jabber, I absolutely LOVE listening to him! I got him a Winkle with some amazon credit I had from doing some surveys and he LOVES it as well. He has cut one tooth completely through and working on some more! He is growing up so fast! I think he is going to be talking before he is evening sitting up at this rate.

Here are some pics from the last week:

Oh yea I forgot to mention, we got accepted into Inspiration through Art program and photographer Leah Severson is going to be taking Keegan's photographs. I am very excited about him becoming a Little Hero. Its a great program, you should go to the website and check it out!

Anyway, I will update this weekend when we are getting the intense chemo at Riley!
Thanks again for all the prayers and support, our Facebook is over 1,000 strong and growing, I am amazed!
Love you All!


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