Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Help! For Ryan's First Father's Day

Ryan was nominated by his best friend for this Father's Day Giveaway and would love to see Ry make it into the top five. Please see what he just wrote on Karing for Keegan Facebook Page.

Ryan still needs your votes for the competition he is in. We have almost 900 members in the group, and only about 100 votes total, there are exactly 5 people in front of him in the standings currently, don't let him be number 6 when he needs to be in the top 5!!

If you want to help and haven't already... do the following...

1. Go to Kings Great Buys Plus Facebook Page and become a fan of the page...

2. Once you are a fan, go to this link.

3. Click "Like" or comment on the picture with Ryans name, picture, and story on it. DO NOT DO BOTH!!!! If you do both, the vote is deleted. Like or comment, not both please.

Thanks everyone for your support! I want to see the same amount of "Likes" for Ryan on the Kings page, that I see as members of the Karing for Keegan group. THANKS EVERYONE!!!


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