Monday, August 31, 2009

T Minus 9 weeks and counting....

Today we are 31 weeks and boy oh boy do I feel it! My ankles remind me of tree trunks and my toes are little snausages! But I am told (and I truly believe) that is all worth it in the end! I do have a new weird symptom this week, my fingertips on the my right fore and middle fingers go numb while I am on the computer....its very strange, I am chalking it up to the swelling occurring all over my body but will definitely ask Dr. Mann about it at my appointment on Friday.

I did manage to squeeze in some yard sailing on Saturday with Laura. We hit up a couple of places and I found a JJ Cole Infant carrier cover for $5! They retail in the mid to upper 30's! I was totally excited about that purchase. I got some cute clothes that I don't know if I will end up needing or not but that is in a story to come! I also found Ry 3 cast iron skillets-He is totally stoked and I am very happy that I could do that for him!

Sunday we had my 2nd baby shower! We had so much fun, Abby and Mary Ellen were in charge and they did a wonderful job! I had not 1, not 2 but 3 diaper cakes! All three were decorated differently and they were all adorable! We ended up giving Jenna, one of my friends from college, one of the diaper cakes b/c she is due about 4-5 weeks before me, based off my November due date. We played some really fun games including one where there is bucket of rice with safety pins in it and whoever finds the most in the bucket in 20 seconds wins! It was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! Abby has all the pics on her camera so I will post some later! I had to open a TON of gifts while everyone sat there watching for what felt like an hour and a half! We got almost everything we need though plus lots of stuff we didn't necessarily register for but will definitely come in handy! We did get our pack and play, a swing to match (which I didn't register for but my step mom wanted to buy us-THANK YOU!), our diaper bag, our changing pad, grooming kit, Shampoo's, powder, and baby wash, wash clothes, hooded towels, burp cloths, LOTS of toys, an infant to toddler rocker (which looks like it is awesome!) as well as a TON and yes I mean TON of clothes for the little guy! Oh yea we also got our Boppy! Yea! I will post pics of this later too! Now all I have to do is find room for all this stuff! Its a daunting task but someones gotta do it! LOL. We also received money and gift cards for babies R Us. I am gonna wait and go through everything to see what else we truly need at this time. We are pretty set on diapers and wipes for quite awhile. We know what monitoring system we want but don't necessarily need it right away b/c he will be in the bassinet in our bedroom for approximately 6 months or so. So anyway, we both feel very blessed that we along with our son are loved this much! We thank everyone who came out and celebrated with us!
Here are some pics from after unloading all the stuff into our dining room:
Mom, Mary Ellen, Me and Abby

Aunt Sofia, Me, and Aunt Jacky

Ry and I after the shower

I have a ton more pics, they are just on everyone else's cameras! Lol-but I will update when I get those pictures!

Movement: All the time, I am not quite sure what he is up to sometimes, One night last week Ry felt him (what felt like playing Dance Dance revolution in there!)
Food Cravings: Still sweet stuff, I wish I would get off this kick!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: So slight contractions nothing major yet
Belly Button in or Out:just waiting for it to pop!
Stretch Marks: no new ones, thank goodness
What I miss: doing stuff on my own ie bending down to get small stuff, bringing the laundry up from the basement....
What I am looking forward to: Putting all our shower goodies away and our maternity pics on September 12th!
Milestones: go for my first bi-monthly appointment this Friday!


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