Monday, August 17, 2009

Say hello to my big ankles and constant fatigue.....welcome week 29 week!

So today we got our very first BIG gift in the mail from my Aunt Lynn in Maine. We got our transitional booster seat! Yea! Thanks Aunt Lynn! We got tons of great stuff at my shower up North at the end of July, I have started washing and putting all those things away so by the time of my shower down here at home, I am ready and organized to put all that stuff away! But enough about that....
Today we started week 29, while we are only 11 weeks away from meeting our little bundle of joy, I am getting more nervous, anxious and apprehensive b/c really I have no clue how to take care of an infant! We are both very excited and I have every ounce of trust possible that Ry will know what to do, after all he has been around WAY more babies than I have! Third trimester is definitely taking its toll on me. I have been more tired lately and my feet (especially during the week) get very large and swollen and continue that way all week! It will be nice when I have my feet and ankles back!
In other news, his nursery is getting more and more ready. We hung the shelves above his dresser and Ryan cleaned up the rocker that Grampy made for us because it got quite dusty sitting in the dining room! I still need to clean the paper lantern that will sit in the corner by the crib but I expect to do that soon.
Ry and Rexx worked in the back yard on Saturday and amazingly enough managed to make the backyard bigger AND put in the dog kennel! This is all in anticipation of our new deck that will go in in the spring of '10. The kitchen is on the slate to be worked on this weekend. Our main goal is to finish the pantry (buy all the shelving and install it) and to start to paint the walls. Maybe the flooring will go in the following weekend! I am getting excited b/c our house is almost finished!
I feel like I am rambling on and on tonight, someone should just tell me to shut up! I have my 7th month appointment on Friday. This is my last monthly appointment, after this one it goes to every other week then to every week! There is only one thing this means, we are close to the end! I plan on discussing the "4 weeks ahead" for the last 2 ultrasounds questions and see what he says!
This week we have our normal child birthing class on Tuesday and our Breastfeeding class on Wednesday. After our child birthing class last week I think Ryan feels much better about epidurals and what happens during them! We also got to take a full tour of the Women's Hospital, I have been in there and around the halls 100 times but never realized it was so BIG! I am so glad we decided to delivery here-its such a great place to welcome a new life into the world!
Best Moment of the Week: watching my belly as he moved underneath it, its really kinda cool!
Movement: Everyday and now he is waking me up at night!
Food Cravings: None come to mind at the moment!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: None yet
Belly Button in or Out: not much left!
Stretch Marks: no new ones
What I miss: sleeping through the night without peeing 3 times!
What I am looking forward to: Baz's 1st Birthday Party! Finishing the nursery!


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