Monday, August 10, 2009

The Home Stretch! 28 Weeks....

Today marks 28 weeks, the first week in the last trimester! YEA! I don't mean to rush things but I am so ready to have Keegan here! While "The Bump" says Keegan is still the size of an Eggplant, I am not thinking he is still that small. He sure doesn't feel that small. I am feeling more and more movement and throughout the day where as before it was more sporadic and usually only during certain times of the day. Now I can feel movement and pressure almost all day and through the night, I am just wondering when this little boy sleeps!

This past week we stayed pretty busy, we had our 2nd childbirth class last Tuesday and then on Saturday we had our 2nd yard sale of the season netting us about another $70 dollars. This kinda shocked me because it was the leftovers of the last yard sale and we still did that good! Ry and I split the money and I am using my portion to go yardsaling this Saturday with the girls!

I go to see Dr. Fitzpatrick bright and early tomorrow morning for my growth ultrasound. I am excited to see how much bigger he is but hoping and praying he is not THAT BIG. Maybe they will schedule me a C-Section or Induction for mid-October if he is that big, I will cross my fingers! I will update Wednesday with new ultrasound pictures (tomorrow night afterwork we have our childbirthing class)

Other than this nothing much to update, I am starting to learn how to use our new camera, I want to be completly schooled before Keegan's arrival so when Ry goes back to work I can take pictures for him!

Best Moment of the Week: Swimming with Ry and Abby ( I think Keegan liked it too!)
Movement: everyday and more and more pronounced
Food Cravings: Chocolate Chip cookies and pancakes
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: None yet
Belly Button in or Out: almost flush with my belly
Stretch Marks: no new ones, thank goodness
What I miss: having regular looking feet and ankles.
What I am looking forward to: yardsaling!
Milestones: 3rd Trimester!


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