Wednesday, August 5, 2009

27 weeks.....13 to go but who is counting.....

So Monday marked the 27th week mark! At this point it seems like I dont remember what it is like NOT being pregnant! I know I still have a while to go but will be so nice when we get to hold him and I can talk on the phone without getting winded! Lots of stuff has happened since last Monday.

I received a $500 bonus for passing my state exam back in June, with all the baby furniture bought I thought that we needed a really nice camera for when Keegan arrives. We found a Nikon that both of us really like for right under $400. First I found it on Target's website and then Ry found it under shop on ebay. We ended up getting the camera with a TON of extra stuff like 2 chargeable batteries, carrying case, and a years subscription to a photo magazine, plus a ton of other stuff AND it was the same price that Target wanted for it! Yea for finding a great deal! I can't wait to read the manual to find out just what this baby can do!

We started our childbirth classes last week. They are not so bad, beside the fact they are 2 hours long for 6 weeks. The first session we talked about relaxation and what Ry can do to assist me in relaxing as much as possible. Last night we watched "the video" and learned breathing techniques. So far so good, next week we get a tour of the hospital and the anesthesiologist will come to talk to us. The class is packed to the max and we haven't really socialized with anyone around us yet and I dont know if we will but we are doing it together and that is what matters.

Friday night I had some slight cramping, I didnt think it was a huge deal but I woke up Saturday bright and early to go yardsaling only to find a small amount of brown discharge. I FREAKED out, because, well that is me! I called Dr. Mann's office and they connected me to him right away. He told me it probably wasn't a big deal but I could go into triage and get checked if I wanted to. He also advised just kicking back and taking it easy. So with those words of advice in mind, I put my feet up and watched movies ALL DAY! I had a couple of slight cramps on Saturday night but no other colored discharge. Keegan also moved around a lot so that made me feel better. Come Monday morning I called Dr. Mann's office and they got me in at 2:50. I got checked, turns out I have a bladder infection (didn't even know) and his heartbeat was "135 strong" according to Dr. Mann. This made me feel a ton better and he told me any time I am having cramping/bleeding that I am NOT comfortable with go to triage and get check. Hopefully I will not have to heed those words of advice.

Next Tuesday I got to Dr. Fitzpatrick (the high risk doctor) to have the growth scan done. I am anxious to see how big he is now being 4 weeks later! I will post results as soon as I know!

Other than that, Ryan has finished the nursery and the furniture is set up. All of his bedding is washed and dried and even the mobile is hanging on the crib! He hung the valances on the windows Monday night and I just need to return the sheers we bought to go under them because they are not quite long enough. I want to wait until the whole room is put together before I post any pictures. I have another shelf I need to buy this weekend and I have to clean the rocker and paper latern that is going in there before I move them. Its looks realy good though and I am so proud and thankful to Ry for all his hard work!

Supposedly Keegan is the size of an Eggplant, I dont believe this for A MINUTE! He may have been this size oh, 2 months ago, but I am thinking he is definetly bigger than that now! But we will find out next week for sure!
Best Moment of the Week: Ryan finishing the nursery and starting to get it organzied and put the finishing touches on it!
Movement: everyday and now you can see it roll across the belly
Food Cravings: Nilla Waffers, but come to find out they give me heartburn!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: None yet
Belly Button in or Out: almost flush with my belly
Stretch Marks: yep!
What I miss: being able to turn over in bed without it being a struggle.
What I am looking forward to: working in the nursery and washing all his clothes, blankets, and other fabric items.
Milestones: UM almost gaining 50 lbs so far...does that count.....


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