Tuesday, September 8, 2009

32 weeks, yesterday

So yesterday was our 32 week mark! Let me hear you say-YEA! I decided not to post until today because I had my growth ultrasound this morning with Dr. Fitzpatrick, our high risk doctor. I had my 3rd growth ultrasound. Little Keegan's head is nestled way down in my pelvis so the reading on the head, cross my fingers, is WAY off! Even the tech said it was really hard to get a good measurement because he was so far down! It measured at 41 weeks-WOOOOOWW! His little belly is measuring ahead at 36 weeks, following the same pattern as the last two growth ultrasounds. His weight, albeit an estimate off of the measurements is 6 lbs and 15 oz, I think. The doctor was pleased with his gallbladder situation, everything including his little kidneys were measuring right on target and Dr. Fitzpatrick was overall pleased. I go back to him on October 6th for a 4th growth ultrasound so we will see! Work is starting a poll, and placing money on when he will make his arrival, no one thinks I will actually make it till November! We shall see though, he will make his appearance when he wants~ that's for sure!

Tonight we went and pre-registered for our hospital stay and delivery. We filled out the forms for his social security number (thank goodness b/c we can't get him a savings account at our bank until he has one) and the paperwork for his birth certificate. They asked all sorts of questions about mostly me and they even have his pediatrician on file now! This was the last "BIG" thing we had to do in preparation for his arrival.

Birth Class-CHECK
Breastfeeding class-CHECK
Pre-register at the Hospital-CHECK

This past weekend we worked on the house. Ryan worked on finishing the kitchen remodel, a little more than half the room is painted and primed. While he was doing this I deep cleaned(kinda) the living room, it took me ALL day Saturday! On Sunday Abby came over and helped me organize and put away all things baby. We got his diaper changing area prepped, all his new clothes hung (my goodness do we have a lot of clothes, they even go up to 24 months!), put his new books and stuffed animals away and semi packed both of his diaper bags! We have yet to put together the pack and play or the swing but eventually! I will post pics of the nursery-completely finished-within the next couple of weeks, there are a couple of things I would like to tweak before I post them to the world!

This Saturday we are having maternity pictures taken by the one and only Epic Photography! They have done our engagement, wedding and now maternity photos. They are good friends of our and wouldn't trust this task to anyone but them. I am going to keep our ideas and outfits a surprise until they are ready to post. I don't know about Ryan but I am super excited! I am getting my make-up done at the spa then heading over to Klein's to get my hair cut and styled they off to get pics taken! Will update on that at a later date!

Other than my swelling I have been feeling pretty good. I have gotten into this patten of getting up in the middle of the night and NOT being able to fall back to sleep for the life of me! It sucks! Last night I woke up at about 2:45 to pee and did not end up falling back asleep until 4:30! that is ridiculous! I really needed my rest too since I had to go back to work after a long weekend today! Blah!

All the time and mostly at the top of the belly where his feet reside!
Food Cravings: Warm cookies and milk, just pulled some out of the oven actually!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: So slight contractions nothing major yet
Belly Button in or Out: Mary Ellen and Abby only think it will be a couple more days till it pops!
Stretch Marks: no new ones, thank goodness
What I miss: shaving my legs easily and wearing "normal" shoes
What I am looking forward to: our Maternity pics!
Milestones: only 8 weeks to go!


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