Friday, September 18, 2009

A long 24 hours......

I have spent the last 24 in Triage at the Women's hospital. While I feel I NEED to write about this and inform all, I am very tired and worn out. Between not sleeping well and the new blood pressure medicine I have been put on, I am tuckered out and will be turning in for bed at 7 or so tonight! I will update soon though I promise. Mom and baby are doing as well as can be expected and go back to see Dr Mann on Monday at 2 pm. He has also taken me off work until after delivery with bed rest only. Great News right? The Good news though, for real, is they did give me two steroid shots to help Keegans lung develop quicker incase I need to be induced, have a c-section or go into labor quicker.

I will update everyone soon, for now thanks for all the prayers and good wishes!


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