Tuesday, September 15, 2009

33 weeks and not VERY happy.....

So for those of you that don't know, I had to go to Triage on Friday afternoon. I had had a headache for the past 3 days, HUGE feet/ankles, and when mom came to check my BP at work it was pretty high. I called the doctors office and he wanted me to go check in at Triage and be monitored. No biggy right? Well after being monitored for about an hour and half and doing a urine sample. They found that my BP would skyrocket after I got up from a laying/relaxing position. He sent me home with the order of bed rest up to pee and eat only! I was sooo upset, after all I had been looking forward to our maternity pics with Jeff for like 2 months. I had an appointment to have my make-up done and hair done and even some other more Risky pictures done with our friend Dave. But now none of this could happen because I had to lay on the couch all weekend long. You would normally think that is great right? Well since I have been in this position 2 other times (ACL reconstruction surgery and after my car accident in 2006) I knew that this would be no fun. My only saving grace would be Net flix and Face book.

Well I made it through the weekend with my BP being monitored every time I got up and then after resting for a little while. The counts continued to stay higher than normal and the headaches continued too. Monday morning I had to report to Dr. Mann my readings. He wasn't that thrilled with what I reported and wanted me to go home from work and rest. He wants me to play the rest of this week by ear until I see him Thursday morning. So here I am today, home. I went by my mom's on the way to work. BP was 140/90 (this is the point that Dr. Mann doesn't like). Mom is coming by now to take my Bp to see if I can go in to work this afternoon-thank goodness I have saved some extra vacation time! So I will keep you guys updated as far as what Dr. Mann says on Friday. I know during my last appointment he said that he can test my amniotic fluid at 36 weeks to see if its mature, if it is they can induce and we could have Keegan a whole month early. We may have to turn to this if my BP continues to stay high.

On another note, Ry is going out of town on Sunday for a week. He has to go to Chicago on business. My thoughts are, at least he is semi close to home. Mom is going to stay with me so I am not alone! Thank goodness!

Nothing else really new this week, Ry is working on the kitchen remodel and its almost complete! Hopefully by Thanksgiving everything will be 100% b/c we are having 20 people here for dinner!

Movement: Everyday! I am recognizing more a sleep/wake pattern now.
Food Cravings: This homemade dessert Ry makes-Yummy, I am gonna go get a piece now!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: not many contractions this past week
Belly Button in or Out: popping!
Stretch Marks: no new ones, thank goodness
What I miss: normal life!
What I am looking forward to: my doctors appointment Thursday to find out what the heck is going on!
Milestones: can't think of one at the moment!

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  1. I'm so glad your mom can stay with you this weekend. YOU TAKE IT EASY. I'm praying for you.

    Love ya!


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