Sunday, May 3, 2009

14 weeks today!

Yea! We have made it out of the first trimester, and boy had I seen my better days! "They" say that I should be getting my energy back, quit throwing up as much and the tender boobs should start to fade.....hopefully I will experience this sooner than later!

I went to the doctor on Friday the 1st. Everything went well. He got out his handy dandy little doppler and I got to hear the heartbeat again. This time it ranged from 155-168 bpm. I think he/she knew we were listening and wanted to show off. I did get a chance to ask the doctor a couple of questions that were burning in my mind. According to the ultrasound last week, we were dating 5 days further along; so I asked him if this would change my due date. He and I had a little bit of a talk about it and decided that he wanted to change it to November 2nd, I was okay with this, after all it is just an estimated date, who know when he/she will actually arrive! I asked him if I could eat hot dogs....I have been craving a good hot dog but my "what to expect book" says not to eat them because of nitrates/nitrites, he said I was okay to eat one or two, and reminded me its all about moderation! I also asked him about mowing the lawn and helping to paint the house. He said okay to both which was encouraging to me, I am sick of feeling like a bump on a log!

So I left the doctor feeling pretty good, my next appointment is scheduled for May 29th at that point I will be 16 wks 4 days and will probably schedule the ultrasound so we can find out the sex of the baby! We are very excited and have been throwing around some more boy names just in case is isn't a girl (since we have the girls name set).

Best Moment of the Week: Finding some more kick but maternity clothes at Kohl's WAY cheap!
Movement: None yet, just gas!
Food Cravings: Pizza, Pizza and Bread sticks!
Gender: I think its a girl, Ryan is unsure
Labor Signs: None yet, thank goodness
Belly Button in or Out:In, lets hope it doesn't pop or Rexx wont come around.
Stretch Marks: None yet, applying that coco butter like there is no tomorrow.
What I miss
: Taking Ibuprofen for headaches!
What I am looking forward to: Looking pregnant instead of fat!
Milestones: We are out of the first trimester!


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