Saturday, May 23, 2009

You just have to bake it not mix it...

These are words from the wonderful Ryan A. Chupp. We were laying on the couch on this lovely Saturday morning when I started to "investigate" the small road maps that have begun to form on my hips, yes ladies and gents wonderful stretch marks. So far there are a couple of each side which of coarse means I need to step up the application of Coco Butter ASAP! So we were laying there and I said "honey, look!" and he looked and said, "Yep stretch marks!" and the way he said it made me crack up! Then he looked down at the belly and said , " aww poor baby mommy doesnt mean to shake you." then he said, "all you have to do it bake it, not mix it," of coarse in refrence to my giggling belly! It was definatly a funny moment and I just wanted to share and be able to look back at this post one day and laugh!

Have a great Saturday!


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