Monday, May 11, 2009

15 weeks.....

Today marks 15 weeks! This is oh so exciting in my little world. Its seems like just yesterday I peed on a stick only to see 2 little lines there instead of 1. Here we are 11 weeks later and Baby Chupp is the size of a navel orange. This past week I feel like I have gotten noticeably larger, I don't know if this is from weight gain or actually baby but I enjoy not looking so fat and more "pregnant." A lady at church yesterday, Mother's Day, actually wished me a Happy Mother's Day so I figured at least she thought I looked pregnant.

Yesterday was Mother's day. Ryan and I had my Mom and Mike, Mary Ellen and Banks, and Abby and John over for dinner. Everyone brought a dish and we cooked out hot dogs, hamburgers, and bratwursts. It was oh so yummy. We gave mom a picture frame with "Grandkids" on it and a picture from our first ultrasound. Even though I let mom know last week not to get me anything, she showed up with a gift bag and a bouquet of flowers. She and Mike got me a pink T-shirt that says "Rookie Mom", how cute is that, and a maternity white tank top. Mary Ellen, Abby and the boys bought me a pedicure, now that I can have one, at Absolute Beauty Day Spa! I look forward to that day!

We started looking closer at nursery furniture, we are torn between spending good money for a set that will last forever or going to IKEA getting a whole set for what I would pay for a crib and it not lasting until the teenage years. We are still undecided but working toward a solution for our problem!

Laura and I went to baby-pa-looza on Saturday, I signed up for free stuff, got a free package of new born diapers, 2 packages of wipes, 3 free onesesy from Babies-r-us for pre-registering and lots of other cool stuff! I can't wait until we find out who/what baby Chupp is, we can start registering and buying things.

Best Moment of the Week: thinking that I am feeling the first movement from Baby Chupp.
Movement: I think so!
Food Cravings: Baskin Robbins Ice Cream
Gender: Still sticking with girl, as long as its not a hermie.
Labor Signs: None yet
Belly Button in or Out: In but belly button ring may have to come out soon.
Stretch Marks: None yet
What I miss
: McCafe Coffee from Mc Donalds
What I am looking forward to: My Doctors appointment on 5/29/09
Milestones: first movement, for the most part the eurpyness has stopped!

**Picture will have to be posted later, no one is here to take it of me right now.**


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