Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Drum Roll please..........

I got on the scale  yesterday and I am down 12.5 lbs from May 29th! Can I get a woop woop!!! I don't weigh myself daily, heck I don't even weigh myself weekly, last time I stepped on the scale was toward the middle of June so when I got on the scale and saw that I lost 6 pounds I was so happy I wanted to do the happy dance all by myself in my little bathroom!

I can't say it hasn't been without a crap ton of hard work. Last week I got in 2 days of Zumba and an hour and ten minutes of walking the grounds of the state hospital with a dear friend. I love being active and have missed it sooooo much. I love that I am starting to see major results because I AM changing things. 

The general consensus was POST pictures so I have this weeks pictures. I do want to preface the posting of these pictures by saying 1) My hair is out.of.control (if you remember I shaved it for St. Baldricks back on March15th and its growing like a weed) 2) The lack of make up and 2) how LARGE I am.....but I am hoping this holds me accountable and it shows you what I am sortaish starting with. 

Without further ado:

I can't believe I am posting this for all the inter webs to see ::runs off to hide in the closet:: But its reality. It is the reality of pregnancy, a body after giving birth and a body that has been treated terribly because my son was my #1 priority for the 2 years 2 months 12 days 12 hours and 5 minutes he was on this earth. NOW is the time to change, I will be healthy again!


  1. you go mama!!!

    keep up the great work! I'm right there with you...I will be healthy again someday too!

    Keep at it! You are doing great!!

  2. Beth, I will never understand your courage, strengh, and confidence. You are AMAZING! A role model for all mothers!

  3. Beth, I will never understand your courage, strengh, and confidence. You are AMAZING! A role model for all mothers!

  4. Great job Beth! Can't wait to see your progress!!! You're doing great!

  5. CONGRATS! I THINK YOU'RE AWESOME FOR POSTING PICTURES! KEEP IT UP!! I Need to get on it myself, very encouraging!

  6. Awesome job! Keep at it. Enjoying following your journey on Myfitnesspal as well :)

  7. Way to go!! All that hard work is paying off! :) Praying for you often.

  8. Beth, check out Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. She is the President of Proverbs 31 Ministry. Her book made all the difference in my weight loss struggle. It's not a "diet plan" but a plan for finding your want to with Biblical principles. Best of luck!

  9. Go girl! That's pretty brave!


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