Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's New Wednesday

Wow, what a difference a week makes! The weeks are passing more and more quickly now that the sun is shinning and we are able to get out and walk once a day! Keegan has changed quite a bit in just this short week that we have had! I am gonna get right to it then, no further delays!

  • This week was Student J's last week with Kee. Keegan really seemed to warm up to him and they worked well together. Student J is going to go on to be a wonderful PT I just know it!
  • Since Kee's collarbone is almost completely healed he is trolling around the living room much more. In fact the other day he went from the couch to the front door back to the couch doing his little arm crawl/frog leg thing.
  • Keegan is moving his tongue a lot more, Mrs. T is very happy with this! She bragged about it to our OT Mrs. K!
New Things:
  • Sooooo, this is one of the things I am most excited about. On Sunday I just put Keegan down for his afternoon nap. He fussed a little and when I went to check in on him because he got quiet I walked in the room to find him sitting up in his crib. I layed him down when I put him in there for nap. My big boy when from laying completely flat on his back to sitting up all by himself!!! I was soooo happy/flabbergasted that I just started to laugh! So this obviously meant we had to move the mattress from the infant setting down a notch or two (not sure what Ry decided).
  • I think we have come to realization that Keegan hates baby food. I probably would too! So my moms suggestion was to get canned ravioli or something and puree it since he is not cleared for solids yet by speech therapy. When I went grocery shopping this past weekend I picked up several different types and let me tell you I think he is in LOVE. He opens his mouth up wider than I have ever seen and I find that we are not sitting at the table for half and hour to forty-five minutes trying to feed him! I am so happy we tried this! Thanks mom, you can say I told ya so!
  • Keegan has always liked books. It wasn't until very recently that he REALLY likes books! I can now recite in full the board book version of  Oh the Thinks You Can Think and Ten in the Bed-by heart! I am sooo excited for his love of books but variety is the spice of life :) Ha! We have a ton of books from my teaching years that we can finally take advantage of!
  • Doing well health wise. I ask for continued prayers as we get closer and closer to his MRI and blood draw on May 12th. I am still worrying about it like its no body's business but I think I always will.
  • I really like what Lisa G commented with on my last Whats New Wednesday post:
Ever heard the expression 'don't take my grief away from me'? - i think anniversaries bring up things that didn't get processed all the way because you have to put them away for a while to get through the day - so let it be - feel it w/o guilt... and then you can move on when you're ready

The Family:
  • Well its official I am now selling and taking orders for custom wreaths and some home decor items. While I am worried about this new venture I think  I know that I will be great at it and hope to have lots and lots of clients once I get all my social media ducks in a row.
  • We have family pics on Saturday. I am very excited to be working with the fabulous Jessi Briner of Bee Elle Photography once again. She did our family pictures back in August and I have gotten so many compliments on them. I will let a little secret of our pics out, we are all wearing something the same just in different colors-can you guess ?
  • I went semi sorta dumpster diving with my mom and sister. I have been wanting a 5 or 6 panel door for months. I check antique stores, craigslist and free cycle religiously looking for one but have been unsuccessful in my search. As I was coming home from the grocery story the other night I noticed in one of the alleys that run through our neighborhood had a door propped out behind their garage. After dinner I coaxed my mom and sister to go with me. I snatched it up with their help and have started to strip the old (probably lead ridden) paint off of it. I am turning it into a headboard for Ry and I's bedroom AND I think I am already sold our bed on craigslist for a little extra money!
  • Our garden is planted! We managed to plant 8 tomato plants, 1 squash, 6 green pepper plants, a few lettuce seeds, 4 bean plants and 2 cucumber. I am hopeful that we will have tons of good homegrown veggies to enjoy this summer!
  • Oh and I need someone to make a logo for my wreath business, do you know anyone that is cheap?



  1. I LOVE What's New Wednesdays!

    And Keeg's hair is fantastic! :)

  2. So glad Keegan is doing so good! I really hope you post pictures of your head board when it is done. Do you have house pictures posted somewhere? It always sounds like you have the neatest projects going on!

  3. Keegan sitting up all on his own!! That is fantastic! He seems to be doing so well.

    Praying and praying for good results on May 12th!

    Hope your garden grows and produces lots of nummy veggies.



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