Friday, April 15, 2011

Anniversary and kinda sorta What's new Wednesday (late)

I am not gonna lie, this has been a rough week to say the least and I apologize. I know the ladies over at ICI/PCI were looking forward to an update on Wednesday as probably were some of the my other readers but I honestly just didn't have it in me.
Today is the one year anniversary of Keegan's emergency shunt surgery (the first of many surgeries). Why such a big deal you may wonder? Well, this is the surgery that set the next month into motion with projectile vomiting, silent seizures and ultimately a life flight trip that saved his young life. The Shunt Story can be found HERE . So this past week has been rather hard never mind today and to top it off it is a yucky ucky day here in Evansville.
I think the next month will be difficult and just ask my family, friends and loved one to bear with me. A year ago our life starting spinning out of control and nothing has been the same since. A year ago Dr. Ackerman went into my sons brain for the first of three times. A year ago all we had to worry about was hydrocephalus which seemed HUGE at the time.
While I know I should be looking forward to the future and not at our past (why should we dwell on that stuff) it has changed me, it has changed Ry and how my whole family (extended included) views life and love. It has changed the simple mundane things into being accomplishments with everyday holding something new, exciting and extraordinary!
I have shed lots of  tears this week, been pretty stressed out and someone I don't even recognize! But I handle stress in a weird way. I have kept up on my medicine and will continue to do so until after Keegan's MRI on May 12th. I have gotten on the treadmill EVERYDAY and done 3 miles. It helps me zone and forget about life for a little while.

So anyway I bet you want some updates.....

  • PT is going well. He continues to want to stand. He hasn't quite got the hang of the leg moving to walk thing but I don't think it will be long.
  • This week while student J and Mrs. P were working on crawling he started to pick his hands up on his own and try to move forward. This is HUGE since all he has been doing lately is army crawling-we will take it!
  • During OT Mrs K is working on some oral motor skills. He likes to tongue his left cheek but does not cross mid line to the right with his tongue. So our goal is to get Mr. Tongue moving more to the right side. She accomplished that a handful of times this week in OT with some yogurt melts.
  • We have speech therapy today so shall see what we can accomplish. I did invest in these beauties. Keegan doesn't drink out of a sippy or a straw type sippy cup. So we tried one of THESE in speech a couple of weeks ago and he did VERY well. They are made so the child doesn't have to tilt their head back to drink out of the cup. Great invention hugh!!! I am excited to start using them!
New Things:
  • Keegan tried Biscuits and Gravy for the first time last weekend. Uncle Bret was in town and daddy made a nice breakfast on Saturday. He pureed up some biscuits and gravy and Ry said he couldn't keep enough of it coming! Keegan loved it!
  • This isn't really new but I have been taking Kee for a walk everyday when its nice out. He enjoys the new scenery and I enjoy the exercise! Eventually I would like to be able to bring our Dog Dogs with us!
  • Had my interview for Keegan's story in the Riley Messenger. Even the journalist who is writing the story is surprised by what a miracle our little boy is-watch out for a link to the Riley Messenger that Keegan will be featured in!
  • Keegan got his second hair cut ever! If you have been following us for awhile you might remember THIS post, Keegan's first hair cut! Then we lost all the hair due to chemo and since it is all grown back (overgrown if you ask me) We needed a trimy trim! Michele, my hairdresser, came to the house and did it. It went oh so smooth, I don't even think Keegan knew he was getting his hair cut!
  • Nothing really new on the health front, he still has some allergy issues but all we are asking for right now is a clean scan on May 12th and the blood work to show we can slowly come off isolation.
The Family:
  • I entered my first craft fair yesterday. I submitted the paperwork and the cash to reserve my booth. No turning back I am in the crafting business. I have started the blog to go along with it but don't have a logo yet so I am not sharing till all is said and done!
  • Ry's not working as many hours which is nice. He has gotten to go out on his motorcycle more with the nicer weather  and is enjoying every minute of it!
  • Our vegetable garden is being constructed his weekend, the starters are overgrowing their jars and NEED open space.
A post of pics and video to follow!



  1. Hi Beth,
    You are an amazing mom!! So proud to get to know you.

    Really praying about a clean, clear scan. Holding you and your son up often.


  2. ever heard the expression 'don't take my grief away from me'? - i think anniversaries bring up things that didn't get processed all the way because you have to put them away for a while to get through the day - so let it be - feel it w/guilt... and then you can move on when you're ready.


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