Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's New Wednesday!

Its been 2 weeks since my last installment, I apologize for that. Like I told you previously my computer malfunctioned and we had to go out and get me and new used one. I am still getting used to it, my new computer has many more functions than my old ones did, I haven't even explored those yet, just trying to learn the new windows platform-ha!

I was asked what I am studying in school. For those of you that don't know (not that this blog is about me) but I graduated in 2006 from USI with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education with an Endorsement for Kindergarten. Obviously I don't teach but after I graduated I did until I was in a pretty serious car accident the same fall. After that I went in insurance because I was very interested in how it worked. In 2009 I obtained my State of Indiana Insurance license but got canned from that job when Keegan got sick. So now I am a 100 % stay at home mom working for a "degree" in medical transcription editing. I signed up with Career Steps last September and am still working toward the degree. I will admit most days I would DEFINITELY be doing something else, but when I think about it I know that once I obtain this certificate or whatever it will ease some of the financial stress I am sure we will face when my mom and my sister move out.

So onto Keegan, because well blabbing about me just isn't as fun. 

  • Keegan is tolerating PT more and more. I think he is really warming up to Jordan (our PT's student) and actually was laughing with his during this week session.
  • He LOVES to stand on his own, granted you have to be there supporting his hips but he just loves it.
  • When he is on his belly he is occasionally doing a froggy motion or hiking his little booty up in the air. He is THISCLOSE to actually crawling and not pulling himself along.
  • It seems on the weeks where he has a good week for PT it is a BAD week for OT the opposite for another week.
  • OT has starting to work with some of his oral problems and suggested some things that I can be doing every day during breakfast, lunch and dinner to help. For instance putting food on the left hand side of the crook of his mouth. You see he doesn't like to move his tongue laterally at all. He will move it out a little and obviously back but he refuses to go side to side. While that has changed a little bit lately (he is going to the left and bites his tongue when he is concentrating on the left side) he doesn't do it often enough or enough period to clean out food after he is done. So we are diligently trying to work on this.
  • Speech Therapy comes every other week so we have seen her once since the last updated. He is tolerating Mrs. T more and more and really enjoys some of the oral stimulating toys she brings to play with.

New Things:
  • Kee has started to make more sounds. He has added Nom to his vocabulary. I have yet to find out what it really means because what I thought it meant (more) is not the case because he has done it in situations where more didn't more to come on that front.
  • He is cutting more teeth poor buddy. So right now intermittent Tylenol it is.
  • I just found out, literally like 30 minutes ago that Keegan and our story will be featured in the an upcoming issue of the Riley Messenger. What is the Riley Messenger? You can find an online version HERE . This is pretty exciting for us because we have tried and tried and tried to get our story out to the media because of EVERYTHING that his story encompasses but no one wanted it....except our friends at the Riley Foundation. THANK YOU!
  • I think Kee is still having some allergy problems. He sounds all junky in his sinuses and throat. You just want to teach him how to clear his throat!
  • His Rash on his chest comes and goes, right now its hanging out for a little while..
  • Hopefully only another month or so on isolation then we can start venturing out in the world meeting new friends and seeing new places.

The Family:
  • Uncle Bret is visiting us this weekend from up north. The first thing Keegan did when he saw Bret was start laughing, the last time he saw Bret was his 1st Birthday back in September! We are glad you are here Uncle Bret!
  • I am starting my own wreath making business and will have that blog up and running soon where you can buy one of kind wreaths/decorations to hang on your front door at VERY reasonable prices!
  • Daddy is working less overtime which is good for EVERYONE, last week he logged 69 hours! I felt like a single parent (even though mom and my sister were around).
  • I got some strawberry plants to add to our vegetable garden yesterday. I am excited to get them planted and growing.
Well that is all I think I have for now, I do have a video I need to post. Hope everyone is having a blessed day and week, I will update again very soon!


  1. Thanks for this great update and for letting me know about your schooling. :) I think it would be very hard to concentrate on studies with a baby around. I don't think I could, congrats to you!!

    Keegan sounds like he is really coming along!! Praise God. I have been praying for him often and really focusing in on those scans on May 12, to be clear as a bell.

    Continuing to cover you all in prayer,

  2. Hey Beth I wasn't sure if u would check back at my oage to find out how to link up to the young moms link up... you just need to click on the young mom link up image and that would take you to jazmyns blog or to make it easy for ya and so u dont have to go back to my blog to get to hers just go here...


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