Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Good to Be Back

Today is one of those days, those days that you are very grateful for. I never thought I would say that about returning to the HEMOC floor of Riley Hospital, but yes, it does feel good to be back.

We checked in around 11 am in the outpatient center where we waited for about 4 hours to get fluids and our room had to be cleaned. Then we were hustled up to our home away from home, the fifth floor Cancer and Oncology Center.

Walking back through the double doors onto the unit felt good, I won't lie! Just a mere month ago our prognosis was terminal and our chemotherapy was stopped with pallative radiation being our only way to keep Keegan around longer. But tonight here I am, blogging from Room 26, our little corner room with a view that we have been in 3 times before.

There is something about returning to this place and seeing all the familar faces, hearing all the familar sounds and yes even sleeping on the same horribly Barney Dinosaur Purple chair bed that makes me feel at home. Weird I know, but when you think you have said your goodbye's to staff and fellow patients and their families, it's good to return and tell them the great news.

I applogize for my hiatus from blogging, between our big Rummage Sale that was had in our honor and the baked sale, chinese auction, and cookout we had this past weekend, there was not much time for blogging. Besides that I just want to cherish the great news with my family and my little boy!

We also had familiy pictures taken by the WONDERFUL Jessi Briner of Bee Elle Photography last night. From the couple of pictures I have seen that have been edited I am WAY excited, check this out:

Awesome Right?!?!? Anyway, I am gonna get back to my baby, he is about to start his IV chemo and I am STARVING!

I will update soon, I pinky promise! 


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