Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Good News!

After a week and a half we are no longer hobo's! We have now taken residence in the nearby Ronald McDonald house. It is absolutely wonderful that we now have a place we can go to relax away from all the noises of a hospital. For those of you wondering about an address to send things to our one here at RMH is :
Ronald McDonald House
C/o Beth & Ryan Chupp Room 43
435 Limestone Dr
Indianapolis IN 46202

** ALSO my sister has shirts for sale go here to see them**
Team Keegan T's

Tomorrow is one more surgery Pray for us all so we can move on, heal and start chemo!


  1. GREAT NEWS!! and thanks for posting the video - it's wonderful!

  2. Congrats Beth!! The Ronald McDonald house is a wonderful place!! And the best thing is it's walking distance from Riley. Without this sounding weird, I live about 20 minutes from there so if you need anything, even just a shoulder to lean on, I'd be there. I've had a child at Riley and kind of know what you're going through. Be strong. I've posted updates on a couple of bump boards so hopefully you'll get more support!! My email is if you need anything!!!

  3. oh and to those of you who would like a shirt let us know..we are going to make one big order instead of everyone ordering of the website!

  4. Yay! What a blessing. We are praying for you all. Faith in numbers works wonders.... keep us posted!

  5. So glad you have a place to stay! I will definatly make a visit to see you!

  6. I am so glad you have a room close by now. What a relief that you have that out of the way at least and will never be farther than a quick hop away.

    My parents stayed at a Ronald McDonald house when my younger brother had brain surgery 10 years ago now. That place is so wonderful. I'm so thankful his hospital had one for you guys.

    Continued prayers!


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