Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Raffle over on the FB

Soooooo a raffle starts tomorrow over on the Karing for Keegan Fundraiser page on facebook. You have to "like" the page first and then you can view the raffle folder. Which includes donations such as Mary Kay gift certificate, cloth diapers, and Amazon gift cards.

Raffle Instructions (PLEASE READ FIRST)

In order to enter to win any of the prizes in this album, you must first pay $5 via paypal to: crystalbiehl@ballstate.bsu.edu -- Please mark it as a gift.

Just a note--all items are valued at $20 or greater.

If you do not have a paypal account, you can send cash or check to me. If this is the case, please send me an email at karingforkeegan@hotmail.com to let me know.

Now, what does that $5 allow you to do?

It allows you to enter to win any of the prizes in this album. So, if you like everything, you can enter to win everything! You do NOT have to pay $5 for each item you want to win.

How do you enter to win?

On November 9, you will find a link under each picture that says "Enter Here". You simply click on the link, fill out the information, submit and you are entered! You will do this for each item you want to win.

Can you get extra entries?

Yes. Each additional $5 that you donate allows you to enter to win again. So, if you donate $10, you can fill out all the entry forms twice. If you donate $15, you can fill out all the entry forms 3 times, etc.

How long will the raffle last?

The raffle will go until midnight, EST (Easter Standard Time) on November 16.

How are winners drawn?

I will use random.org to pick a winner for each item. (The entry forms you fill out are linked to spreadsheets that will keep track of how many people have entered, etc.)

How will you know if you won?

I will email you from the karingforkeegan hotmail account as well as post it under each item.

Can you win more than one item?

Yes! It is just luck of the draw.

Where is the money going?

100% of the money is going to Beth, Ryan and Keegan Chupp

Head on over and check it out, you might be able to bid and win something for someone for Christmas!


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