Monday, November 7, 2011

Humbled & Thankful

We love our church. We love our pastor and all the people we consider our church family. They are amazing and talented people that I respect more than you will ever know. We had just entered the
""sanctuary" (not sure if that is what we call it since our church is set up a little different than most but anyway) when I saw Pastor Bret out of the corner of my eye, he was up toward the front. We were mingling with friends when he asked if we were coming or going. I replied coming. He simply said "hold on" and ran back toward the kids area.

He emerged a few minutes later with an envelope that ready Ryan & Beth Chupp. When I said thank you he explained that it was not from me but from someone who wanted to remain anonymous. While we were waiting for the band to start playing I opened the envelope up. It has  a note and this is what it read:

"All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling
their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need."
Acts 2:44-45 NIV

Ryan and Beth,

Our hearts break for you as you face this challenging time. Take comfort in knowing that you are surrounded by people who love you and who want to share God's love with you.

Please accept this gift to assist with medical bills and other expenses. This gift is born our of compassion and a desire to share God's love. it is not intended to minimize the deep emotions of the situation, but rather to express love and offer support.

Please know that God uses all outcomes for an ultimate good. Your story, Keegan's story, and the way that you have lived your lives throughout all the trials has been a testimony to your faith in god and your love for Keegan.

In His Love.

Along with this wonderful letter that I am keeping in a safe place, there was a cashier's check. I am so thankful, as well as Ryan is, that we have people in our lives (whomever you maybe) that care about us and our family at this trying time. I know most if not all the people that follow this blog do. But when you are handed something like this at church unexpectedly  you are both humbled and in awe of Gods work at your time of need.

So thank you to the anonymous donor/donors! Not only are we thankful for the monetary donation for but for the kind words of support and love from fellow One Lifers!

With All our Love,
Beth, Ryan & Baby Kee


  1. It's so good to hear about all of the support that you all are receiving. I think about your family often, and it reminds me how grateful I am of my own family. I hope for the best for you all every day... thoughts and prayers for you!

  2. This is great Beth. What a great church community you have. I think about you guys everyday. Lots and lots of thoughts and prayers for you all!

  3. so well said, so well deserved. you all are loved by so many from all over the world. God is using you to touch so many lives and even I'm sure bring them to God. we love you!! Hugs!

  4. I just love how God moves the heart of His people. What a blessing for you all. :)
    I have a core group of prayer warriors that are holding Keegan up to our Lord many times during the day.

    Praying and praying for you all often.

  5. God is Good! How great that you have so many friends in Christ that care so much for your family and little Keegan. I do know this is no coincidence. This is all part of His mighty plan. My heart breaks for you and your family, but I am so happy you can take comfort in the love those around you are giving. Praying for you and your family always.

  6. this makes me smile. There are wonderful people in this world, and it sounds like you are surrounded by them. :-)

  7. This is so great! I am so glad your family is being support locally and from afar. I love reading your blog and pray for Keegan and your family daily!

  8. It make you realize there are still a lot of good people in this world who really do care. I pray for your family everyday. ~Erica/ Mother of Angel Alex.

  9. You are truly an inspiration. Going through what you've been through, I cannot imagine. My son was diagnosed with leukemia in April (prognosis is good) and reading your blog (introduced by Jill@BabyRabies) has made me a lot stronger, and just helped me to stop and cherish every single moment I have with my angel. I am so very sorry for your loss and literally broke into tears at my desk yesterday when reading your blog. I don't know you or Keegan, but I feel like I do. Your blog is so perfect for any mother going through a serious illness with their child. You let us in, and let us capture everything. Thank you so much. I pray for you and your family every minute. I can feel your strength through your words and know you will do great in recovering and living through Keegans spirit. Again, thank you for your blog and I hope you never stop writing!


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