Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rummage Sale

Karing for Keegan Rummage Sale

 We are looking for donations for a Rummage Sale to be held Saturday June 25 , 2011 (tenatively).
The sale will take place in the parking lot of Midwest ENT at 1020 Professional Boulevard.
·        If you have a yardsale/rummage sale of your own we can pick up the remaining items to store for this fundraiser.
·        If you don’t like doing yardsales yourself we will happily take your unwanted/unneeded things for Keegan’s cause.
·        They don’t have to be priced or cleaned, we can do that.
·        We can pick them up in the Henderson, Evansville, Newburgh, Mt. Vernon, Princeton Area. Please email or call Beth at or 812-250-8641
This is for a very good cause. Keegan was diagnosed with brain cancer at 7 ½ months old. He went through 6 rounds of Chemo, a stem cell transplant and on his annual MRI check-up found a new spot of cancer on his spine. After surgery it was confirmed to be the same kind of cancer in his brain and was also found to have floating cancer cells in his cerebrospinal fluid.
He is only 20 months old!

His story can be found at:

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  1. Beth my heart goes out to you and your family. We live so far away and I wish there was something more we could do. I did have a huge bucket of can tabs that were donated to me. I dont know if Lisa sent them or not. I do want to help in some way. I just dont know how.


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