Monday, June 20, 2011

Frustrated-almost-BEYOND BELIEF

I know everyone wants updates on Keegan, and that post will come later tonight when I have time to sit down sort through all my thoughts, feelings and emotions of the past week. But right now I want to VENT on something that I don't think is right or fair. I just want to stress these are my opinions and mine only.

So Keegan is 21 months this month, almost 2 right? He has a life threatening disease-medulloblastoma right?!?! He has relapsed and hope upon hope and pray with all our heart the path that we are currently following will keep him cancer free for years to come But I do have a problem.

That problem is all the foundations out there, like a few you may or may not know, that grant wishes to sick and terminally ill children. They have age restrictions. For a nationwide one you have to be 2.5 which we wont reach until March of 2012. Another local wish organization you have to be 3.

I know there are age restrictions for a reason but the trips are for the families as much as they are for the children. They are memories to be made that in some cases are the only vacation memories a family has. I am very upset, made, and frustrated. I know my son would not enjoy Disney, he is not old enough, I completely agree, however; I have been thinking and I believe a Disney Cruise would be enjoyable by all. He could meet the characters, go to the beach and have fun on their private island. The memories made would be priceless yet unless I am LOADED I am unable to make those memories because he is "not old enough".

Ugh, I am just upset and want to cry, most families have a lifetime, we may not and that sucks!


  1. Beth, I had no idea they had age restrictions, what if all of us readers write & demand (or beg) they make an exception for your precious Keegan & your family? Do you think it would get anywhere?

  2. Hi Beth, I contacted MAW to see if they could refer me to organizations that grant wishes for children under 2 1/2... I'll keep you updated...


    I don't know about age restrictions.

  4. Hi Beth,
    I was going to suggest you put in a request and us, your followers, would sign it. I am sure there can be an exception to the rule.

    Taking this to the Lord!


  5. I'm so sorry Beth. I certainly agree that Keegan is old enough to enjoy something like that, and your family deserves the chance.

    For what it's worth, I'm still praying that you get a lifetime. <3

  6. It's unfortunate, I was told that as well. I pray he has a lifetime with you

  7. Hello Keegan's Family-
    You all and Keegan are most deserving of a wish. I have heard of these age restrictions before but I believe that the Indiana Children's Wish Fund has a lower age limit, and have been granting wishes in Indiana for 27 years (according their website). You might consider contacting your social worker and asking about them to grant your wish. Their website is I know of a family went with them because their daughter was young. I hope this helps.
    Theresa Shuck


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