Friday, June 10, 2011

"The Plan"

Here is the post that EVERYONE has been waiting for-OUR PLAN. If any of you follow me personally on facebook or even Karing For Keegan on facebook you probably noticed I was pretty pissy and upset yesterday. Here is the brief run down of what went down yesterday:
  • get a call early morning from the Hem/Onc clinic at Riley (Sally to be exact) asking if I had yet to heard anything from Sloan Kettering or Dr. K. promptly answering NO, Sally said Dr. Shih had been calling and calling Dr. K's office and leaving message with no return call.
  • I got REALLY pissy and started updated facebook as such, I then placed a call to Dr. K's office asking what the next step was and so on. I spoke to a girl who collected our insurance info and Keeg's social security number. She said she would give Dr. K the message I called.
  • THEN I emailed Dr. K, I wanted to put in writing both my worry and my urgency to get the point across. Asking her to get to me in a timely matter.
  • I then talked with Dr. Shih who expressed frustration with getting a hold of the right person at Sloan. We talked about at least knowing what they are thinking so we could do something in the meantime.
  • FINALLY at around 4 my time 5 NYC time Dr. K called me. I was shocked and OMGGGEEEEE ish.....she discussed how she wanted the plan to go and explained that she had just gotten off the phone with Dr. Shih. While I was talking with her about what needs to be done to get to NYC Dr. Shih beeped in. I ignored it.
  • When the conversation with Dr. K was through I  listed to the voicemail from Dr. Shih, he beeped  in while I was listening to his message. I clicked over and the plan started to take shape.
  • He was as relieved as I was to finally have an idea as to what, when and where everything was going to happen.
  • So here is the LOW DOWN of the next couple months of our life:

  • So as you can see, next week or this coming Sunday, we are heading North to Indy. Dr. Ackerman actually called me after I made these calendars and she said they are doing a small brain procedure and putting in a new Picc Line first thing Monday morning. The Brain procedure will be installing an on/off switch for his shunt so when the drugs in NYC are administered they won't drain right into the belly. They may or may not still install a reservoir, that is to be determined. The PICC line needs to be placed for the chemo next week as well as blood draws and other such cancer/chemo related stuff.
  • We have to be off chemo 3 weeks before we can start on the trial which would leave us at July 11 but I expressed to Dr. K that our family trip that has been planned and plotted, saved and scrimped for since last fall is the week of the 11th. She said she has absolutely NO problem with us being in NYC the following week. Dr. Shih also knows how important this trip is to us as a family and is so happy we will be able to do both.
I particularly am very happy with this plan. We get to spend some time in Indy with people with love and who love us. We get a vacation still and we are in the trial. All around I now feel God is listening to our prayers and putting them into action, I was lost a few weeks ago and wondered why........but pieces are falling into place.

Financially this is no easy feat, the Rummage Sale and its components are still on For Saturday June 25th to help raise money for our 2 month stay in NYC. The flights are expensive, the housing is expensive and I can only imagine how much the food is going to cost.

On that note
Love ya'll and thanks for thinking and praying for us!


  1. I say ramble on Beth, ramble on, God hears and even when we feel He is not listening or caring (and that is okay to feel that, as I am learning.. He loves us and cries with us and He is holding us in His hands..He is there all of the time), we are praying and keeping up with you on here and your facebook page and any other way we can to get info. sorry for now that I cannot help you with a donation as all my monies go to our cancer fight, when we get straight I will do my best to help you as well.

    For now I am praying and I know without a doubt prayer is great, it is sometimes all I have.
    Sending my love to you ( even though we may have never met I do feel love for you and Keegan.

    Sherry Estes,
    Naples Florida

  2. Awesome!!! Praise God! I'll use this for the update when emailing news and radio! So happy to hear things are being taken seriously and that the plan is exactly how it should go, God is so good!

  3. The patience to let everything fall into place is not easy to come by. God totally has his hand on you. I tear up every time I read your blog lol

  4. Beth,
    Thank the good Lord that he has listened to you and heard your prayers! I just wanted to go back to your statement about your finances and I am sure I can help.. I have expressed interest in doing a fundraiser to help you and your family make ends meet with travel expenses and such. We still have time to get it in place and be able to give you the money BEFORE your vacation and stay in NYC!! I am excited to help in any way I can. This could mean 100's or 1'000s of dollars for you all! I will be praying for you next week!

  5. Hi Beth
    I am glad to see that plans have been made and things will start rolling soon!

    Praying that Keegan doesn't get sick from chemo, money comes in to pay bills, surgery is smooth, holiday is great, trial works and you feel the presence of God 24/7!

    God has a plan we just need to trust Him.

    Praying and praying,

  6. I'm so glad you have a plan. Enjoy your vacation!!

  7. Praying for you all! Love to you all and little Keegan!

  8. I want to offer you some stand by tickets Im a flight attendant and would love to give you what ever I can please email me at smurphy8507@ Ivy murphy

  9. plans are God's way of us knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel... there may be changes along the way but the plan gives hope in the journey... my prayers will be with you all!

  10. I wanted to add, you may be able to get a cheaper rate on a place to stay in NYC on (Vacation Rentals by Owner), instead of staying in a hotel. You might already have thought of this, but just thought I'd mention it. Praying for your sweet son!


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