Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two things are Better than One

This post has absolutely nothing to do with updates on Keegan's health although his Oncologist is back from vacation today and I heard from him first thing this morning which made me feel GREAT!!!

Thing 1: Our online auction hosted by Crystal over at Biehl Adventures put together an online auction running from June 1st- June 8th online at This facebook page . There are TONS of different options Not just baby and not just womanly stuff!! I am pretty excited about it!

Thing 2: I have another order of T-shirts placed. If you have not had the chance to get one of the coolest T-shirts on the planet now would be your chance. Just message me the sizes you want shirts are $15 a piece and I will give you the paypal address or our mailing address to send the funds. This will reserve your shirt and I will mail as soon as they are done in production.

So that is all I have for right now, be sure to check out that auction and let me know if you need a shirt!



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