Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey Friends!!!

I know lots of people are out there praying for us and I appreciate it beyond words! Ryan and I are traveling with Keegan tonight to Bloomington to check out the Proton Beam Clinic once again but this time talk with the Pediatric Radiologist about full brain and spinal radiation. Implications, procedures and such. I am NOT looking forward to this but it needs to be done. I am still patiently {{actually not so patiently}} waiting on a call from either our oncologist or Sloan Kettering about getting up to NYC to be evaluated for their study, its so frustrating waiting on other people.

So that is the brief update on the medical front. A friend of mine Crystal over at Biehl Adventures is getting an online auction together over at facebook and the the address is Karing for Keegan Fundraiser . The Fundraiser wont actually start until June 1st and will run through the 8th. If you sell a product that you would like to donate, make a product you would like to donate, or even donate a Gift card or something to put up for auction we would greatly appreciate it. You can either email her at or fill out this form .

This fundraiser is to help with transportation costs to all these clinics and places we are going to help save our child's life. As many of you know I lost my job a year ago when he was diagnosed and are living on one income. Plane tickets to and from NYC aren't cheap and we aren't even sure it will be covered by insurance as of yet, but I want to save my child's life like I am sure most of you would. So would you consider helping? Please?

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  1. Hi Beth,

    I am praying and praying for you all, for healing, the right direction to take, for doctor's to know the best treatment and for peace. I know the last one is really hard, but you cannot fret and worry for that will only stress you out and Keegan needs a very strong and happy momma right now. He is very close to you and feeds off of your emotions. Stay strong in God and trust.

    I will be in prayer over how I can help.

    Praying and praying,


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