Friday, May 13, 2011

These are the kinda posts I hate....

We had our 1 year follow up MRI yesterday. I went in feeling strong and empowered with all the prayers out there for us. Our day was going okay until the nurse came in. If you are new to our story please go back to May & July last year, it will catch you up a little. So nurse J came in to check on Keegan. She examined him and then proceeded to tell us partial results from the MRI. His brain looks stable, good even (which made me very happy of coarse) the spots at the top of his spine and the sugar coating that was previously there is no longer (this is great!) I was about to be on cloud 9 when she threw in a doosie.

Keegan has an odd looking growth (that is what they are calling it right now) in the lumbar part of his spine. They are unsure of what it is, but they know for a fact it was not there 3 months ago. We got to talking about this spot and Dr. Shin pulled up the scans on the computer in our room. This "growth" is in the spinal column putting pressure on his spine and the sheath that surrounds and hold the spinal fluid.  Dr. Shih says its not a cyst (doesn't look fluid filled) but it doesn't light up like his other cancer did either so they really have NO ideas.

The best remedy, get in there and get it out as soon as possible. His neurosurgeon Dr. Ackerman thinks this will be fairly easy and can do it with no problems. So she scheduled his surgery early Monday morning.

So we got this news. Didn't really know how to react just knew I wanted to get the heck outta dodge and get home and be with my entire family. So we loaded up, went to the hotel and got our stuff and headed out of town. We got as far as HALF WAY HOME when I got a call on my cell. I answer, its Dr. Shih he then puts Dr. Ackerman on the phone and she tells me that we are needed to be back in Indy as soon as we can get there. She needs to evaluate him before she can operate Monday. I bust a U on highway 41 and head back to Indy (an hour and a half out now). We get there and head up to the Oncology/Hematology clinic where they page Dr. Ackerman.

Dr. Ackerman shows up in clinic, by now its 5:30 pm and everyone is gone. She looks him over and goes on to tell us what she thinks this might be or what it couldn't be. She said and I quote "He is cute but I don't trust him especially what happened a year ago today." Anyway so she checked him out, told us what to watch for this weekend as far as physical condition but other than that we would see her Monday morning. They graciously gave us a gas card to get back home since they made us turn around and we headed home.

Honestly I am rather numb. I believe in my heart of hearts that this is NOT cancer. I didn't get the "oh crap" feeling when they were talking to us and I hold strong to my faith that this is just something random. I look at him and clinically he looks great. I am saddened that there was anything at all on the scan but very hopeful that this will all be nothing.

His surgery is scheduled for first on on Monday morning. We have to be there at 5:45 am and Dr. Ackerman said to expect to be in hospital for 4-5 days. So Sunday we pack, for another stay at Riley. We will be in the new tower so we are told and it's supposed to be NICE, not that this is any consolation for a sick child. Keegan has to lay completely flat for 24 hours and then he has to take it easy for a week.

Please find our page on facebook: Karing for Keegan on Facebook. I have set up an event to wear green and pray on Monday. It would mean the world to my family if you were behind us praying and petitioning the gates of heaven to make sure this is NOT recurrent disease!

If you would like to share this on your personal blog please feel free or would like to add our family  (specifically Keegan) to any and all prayer lists I am okay with that. Please feel free to head to our facebook page and participate. If you questions or need to get ahold of me I am at chupp {dot} beth {at}gmail {dot} com.

Thanks for all the prayers and support and hear is to hoping this is an easy successful surgery and what they removed is nothing at all!

With Love,


  1. we will be wearing green on Monday and praying for your little man and family in the coming weeks!

  2. Love you and am praying for you. And I don't know if my gut feeling counts but I don't get that cancer vibe from this either. Just throwin' that out there. But I know this sucks. ((hugs))

  3. Oh Beth! I know this wasn't the type of news you were wanting to hear! I haven't stopped praying for Keegan and I won't stop now.

    I will pray for the surgery to go smoothly and for the mass to be removed in benign condition.

    Hang in there girl. Enjoy this weekend with your family knowing God is looking after Keegan. I will be adding Keegan to our prayer chain and will put up a blog post as well.

    Praying and praying,

  4. Man...I just had this overwhelming faith and assurance his mri would be ok :( I'm going to try and get this up on fb, and will be sporting my KFK shirt Monday! Most importantly, our family will praying for you all, and the nurses, doctors, surgeons and staff. So sorry Beth! Maybe that feeling was right, maybe this is just something that needs to be removed and move forward with no other complications! <3 Susan Collison and family

  5. Praying and sending love your way! Not good news, but not the worst! Keep your chin up and stay strong beth! God has you in His hand, no matter what!

  6. I will be wearing green on Monday and I am praying for your little guy right now, covering him with prayer and sending love and care!
    God bless you and your family...
    Stay strong in God's strength,


  7. I'll will be wearing green and praying!!! Love ya Beth!

  8. Beth, we'll all be wearing green on Monday and praying hard for Keegan all the time - I know this isn't what you wanted to see but I'm holding out hope with you that it's harmless. God bless!

  9. Oh Beth, I'm so sorry. We are waiting on a new brain/spinal MRI to know for sure if Peyton has to have spinal surgery. The thought of it is just so scary.
    You are one strong momma, and that little boy is a miracle.
    Hoping for you this is as routine as routine can be.

  10. you are an amazing momma and i am so inspired by you!! praying extra hard for your sweet boy!!!!


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