Friday, April 30, 2010

We need an Allelujah STAT!

Today was a fabulous day, wait I will one up that, today was a SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS DAY! Today we went to see Dr. Ackerman for our follow up visit for the surgery to put the shunt in Baby Kee's brain. Our appointment was at 10:45 am Indy time so we went ahead and drove to Indy last night and got our little e $89 a night studio apartment about a mile from the hospital, it's our new home away from home!

We arrived a Riley a little early after going to Hardee's to grab some grub. We checked in and waited, did I mention we bought a new stroller? Its a Peg-Perego and Mommy LIKES! I normally wouldn't purchase something this pricey but we didn't buy a new travel system before he was born, my sister in law found our old set at a yard sale for $50 and we are getting so much use out of our stroller right now I wanted a good and comfortable one for him. I found this strollert

at Babies R Us for $159.99 regularly over $200. I used my handy dandy 20% coupon, the gift card I received from my Agent for Administrative Professional day, and a $55 stash I didn't know my husband had that he graciously gave for the stroller fund! Out of my pocket was only $42 (because I had to buy him 2 new packages of pacis, since we loose 1 a week, and Hyland's teething tables because I heard they work wonders!)
So......back to my they got us into see Dr. Ackerman rather quickly.....we sat and talked about how he was doing. No problems so far and she said everything looked great! She gave us her business card with his shunt settings on it. If he has to have an MRI the shunt will have to be reset because it is a magnetic one. She then sent us down to Radiology to have a CT done. Herb the CT manager came and brought us back, he remembered us from 2 weeks ago! I could not believe it, as many kids as he sees, he remembered us and baby Keegan! That right there is one reason Riley is just so amazing! But anyway so we got the CT done and headed back up to Dr. Ackerman's office. She came in relatively quickly and told us everything looked wonderful, the shunt was working like it should and already making progress. She brought us in a room with a couple of computers and had his 2 recent CT's pulled up on the computer. We compared the CT the morning after surgery to the CT he had done today. His "ventricles" or spaces that were holding fluid in his brain were already a tad smaller. She was very please as were Ry and I. We left there feeling REALLY good, something going right for us for once!

After that we headed down to the first floor, our genetics appointment was scheduled for 2:20, it was 12:30, so it was a long shot but we checked in hoping they would get to us sooner than 2:20. One of the nurses came out and told us Sarah, the Nurse Practitioner for Dr. Walsh, could see us earlier! We were more than excited. She led us back and after waiting for about 20 minutes or so, which for some ungodly reason all doctors seem to make you wait in these tiny room in agony, Sarah came in. She talked with us for what seemed like forever. We talked about his development, his recent surgery, DNA testing and a mirage of other random topics (like my crib being recalled-ugh! that is another topic for another day!). She finally evaluated him and said he had better tone then he did in November but he was still rather "floppy". I told her I have set a goal in my head to reach by his first birthday and that would be to sit unsupported, she thought that was very doable! This appointment went rather smoothly, and I am so glad I called and rescheduled it for a day we were already up here because it seemed rather pointless and if we traveled the 3 hrs in our truck with the way gas prices are for that, now I would have been ticked!

So today was a GREAT day for us, I feel so blessed to finally be hearing some good news and able to share it with our blog family! Thanks again for all the support and the MANY MANY prayers that have been said for us!

Is it finally our turn to have stuff go right? I sure hope so!


  1. it's great to hear the good news!

  2. Great news!! I have also heard great things about the teething tablets. We use the colic ones and they work great. Dont be surprised if he goes to sleep after you give them to him.

  3. So glad to hear such great news!

  4. This is awesome news!! I am so happy for you guys! You will have to let me know about the teething tablets, we are struggling here at my house with teething=(


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